captured: one Sharp family

there is a joke in the private school world. the girls go there to meet a husband and the guys go there to get an education. I’ve seen it several times. multiple times. my own sister is a culprit of the private school marriage arrangement. as is my roommate. everyone knows them. the couple that meets in college. both good looking. nice. happy. then they get married and start to reproduce. its a wonderful little world. this is the setup of the Sharp Family. I had the privelege in meeting this little fam last week at a hot seattle spot. gasworks. I got there early to scope it out and instantly jumped up and down. well, not really. but the fog over the water was incredible and i knew the shoot would be bomb.  

meet the sharps. Trevor. Lindsey. Mia. & Clara. they happen to be SPU alum (as i am).  have been married for 5 years. and met at a gym in fremont. nothin like meeting your future spouse when you’re all sweaty and gross. it must have been true love. (: Now they have 2 munchkins – Mia and Clara. Mia and developed a bond when i whipped out the surprise  i brought her – a sucker. Clara and I didnt really have a chance to get to know each other or have deep conversations. she was asleep. and she’s 3 months old. In any case, I’m not even gonna try and hide the fact that it makes it quite a bit easier when shooting good looking people. really cuts down the editing time. each of their outfits rocked. as you will see.

So. I’m pleased to introduced The Sharp’s. We had a nice outing together. gasworks. a stop in coffee and then over to EMP. I have been patiently awaiting the moment i could shoot with that run metal rainbow backdrop. the day finally came. They came across my photography after I posted their friends’ shoot back HEREword of mouth and I will hopefully continue to grow better friends.

I’ll pass these four off.

 changed my mind. the other half of the shoot will just have to go up tomorrow. again. I thought Gasworks was going to be somewhat cliche. since everyone goes there but it created the perfect setting. nothing in the shot but sky. grass. and those 4. just how i like my photos – no clutter. too bad I cant keep that up in my room as well.




~ by Andria on December 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “captured: one Sharp family”

  1. Nice pictures! I especially liked the fifth one down; sort of a modern, Victorian vibe (which is a classification that I’m pretty sure I just made up). haha.

  2. Another great shoot, my dear! Thanks for the shout out 😉

  3. Cute fam! Great setting and as usual, nicely done! Are you coming to spokane for Christmas? Hope to get to say Hi in person if you do! Thanks for sharing

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