cookie jar

you know you’re a good little fashionista when you can take a spring dress and turn it into a part of your fall outfit. add tights. boots. a scarf. and viola! you have an item that is multifunctional. congratulations. its applicable in many areas. one outside of my closet goes right to my camera. in this season of reusing, recycling, and  redesigning i started a little project with some of my favorite photos. they are mostly of things and beautiful places i saw in Sweden, Paris, London and even here in Seattle…that i didn’t want to go to waste just sitting in an album or file on my computer. SO. i injected my name and a little saying in hopes that i would be able to use one or two here, as my business card or or – yep – maybe even on my website somewhere in a few months.  no further explanation. i just wanted to show this project. 

that’s all i have for now. any favorites? i think the first and last scored the winner seat with me. who knows exactly what i will do with them. but t was a fun project and now i was able to share some repeats of my most favorite photos from the past 3 months.

and Last But Not Least……the real WINNER!

a person that is. long story short…I was at an event last week and had the opportunity to meet tons of Seattle chicks and chat away for 3 hours. as i stood there next to my little photography booth – well, cocktail table – lots of ladies stopped to look through photos and then entered in a drawing for a free 2 hour photoshoot with me. I’m my boss and i said it was ok. so NOW. the winner! dun dun dun. hope she is reading, or tough luck. haha just kidding, i totally have her email.


claim your prize. its me. this is so fun i just stuck my hand in and found Caitlyn. The thing is – she has beautiful font-ish handwriting – so i have a good feeling about this. im excited. hopefully sooner than later, I will be able to put HER photos up here and show what we got. cant wait.




~ by Andria on December 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “cookie jar”

  1. Beautiful! Nice work. You are going to do so well in this business!

  2. wow! what more do I need to say, I love the first one, the sun shining thru w/ your slogan written on that part is sweet! and I also think the one of the Spiral statue w/ the sun bouncing off it is spectacular. nice work

  3. Hello Darling!! Great Work! Seriously I am loving all of your photos! I never knew you were so creative! I like the first, the third, and the 7th I think… I really like all of them a lot tho so it’s hard to pick. Can’t wait to see you!

  4. The cobble stone road for sure!

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