captured: bowtied boy

 I used to have a hard time finishing my plate at dinner as a child. my dad would make me sit forever until it was finished. Nowadays, I think seconds are like the best thing ever. You get another shot at something you really like. genious. Seconds with a photoshoot i loved is pretty bomb as well. that applies here. i sent out the first half of Andrew’s photoshoot yesterday HERE and loved em – but these, oh these – i realllly like. alleyways. cigarettes. pikes place people. sun streaming. magician work. I wont rattle on. Here is the 2nd half of out city slicker shoot. i love the light at this time of day.  I love the stuff we got.

– two favorites for sure below –

i cant get enough of this particular lighting. love love love it.


that wraps andrew. i particularly am fond of this last one. mostly because i ran up next to him and barely got it. last frame. and turns out its one of my favorites. and i’m finding that out lately…great things come when/where you least expect it.

*mini confession* I promised that I would be doing my drawing on Monday. a drawing from an event I was at last week – the Duque Beauty Bash. well, I have been too excited to get these photos out, so I’ll be announcing the winner of a photoshoot with me tomorrow. AND rolling out a personal project i mustered up the other day. another thing that turned out to be a favorite…when i was just messing around.


~ by Andria on December 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “captured: bowtied boy”

  1. black and white in the coffee shop my FAV!!!

  2. Cooffee shop Blk & wht looks right out of a Movie from the 50’s so good Andi, ya the lighting in the eve. shots are spectacular!
    He had fun you can tell, love the serious side of him here.

  3. Andi these are all amazing. Good work. Keep pursuing this!

  4. (sigh) I think I’m in love! How awesome you are becoming with each project! I always love the feet!

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