captured: city slicker

Do you ever look back to the exact first moment you met someone that just so happens to be an incredible friend of yours now? Or reminisce on your 1st date with your now fiance? Life should not be lived in retrospect, but it sure is funny to do every now and again. What if you could go back to that moment and know just what your relationship with them would be today? kinda cool. And I’ve totally ramped this up to reveal some incredibly moving story of how I met the man in front of my camera in this posting. It’s not all that moving and I am definitely not engaged to him…..BUT….i do remember the first time I met Andrew and yes it may not be one of cooler moments.  

I’ll keep it quick. Remember AOL chat? Pick a screen name (AndiShmoJo) and all of a sudden you can talk with people you never would in person or just someone across the room. Odd concept. Ok, well I will not hide the fact that when I was a freshman in college, I was a bit off. It was the mid-beginning of Freshman year and a few girls were cooing over the fact that they were talking with some sort of campus celebrity, probably because he happened to be the face on our Abercrombie bags. Google it. What do I say? You talk to him….no you. Typical 18-yr old girl banter. Deep down everyone is just a person. Yes, even brad pitt. So I kindly stepped in and put my hands on the keyboard. I selectively cannot remember exactly what I wrote to him – but I do know it was sorta annoying slash way-too-bold-for-never-meeting someone. I asked questions I shouldn’t have and probably made my self look like a weirdo. But fast forward to today and who would have known…Andrew would be one of my good friends. That’s the story. Thats my formal introduction.

So, in honor of our first meeting (but mostly because I wanted to get some male photos) I took Andrew for a spin around downtown Seattle. We had a fun time and as always – it is the best way to reconnect or light up an simmering friendship. The wind was wild, although I doubt you will see that reflected in the photos….as he does not have flowing long gold locks. But still, I told him the theme was city slicker and he came thru. Love the bow tie and ensemble. Here is Andrew.

Maybe that was way too long, but I had a hard enough time skimming down the masses we took that day. I am pleased with them and especially like the cigarette ones.  So that’s that. a city slicker fella and a marking of a fantastic few hours. PS – this marks only half the photos with Andrew. i got a little trigger happy on this shoot and have plenty more to show.  next post.


~ by Andria on December 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “captured: city slicker”

  1. wow you are getting so good behind that lense… love the blk and wht ones..a couple look like pencil scetches. he is a great subject to shoot.

  2. […] bomb as well. that applies here. i sent out the first half of Andrew’s photoshoot yesterday HERE and loved em – but these, oh these – i realllly like. alleyways. cigarettes. pikes place […]

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