captured: newlywedded

Ahh marriage. Im not quite there yet. Nope. Not even close BUT I had the opportunity to play around with a few lovebirds who are quickly approaching their 1 year anniversary of being a mr. and mrs Thomas. Congrats. You just beat out 13% of Americans. Ok, I made up that statistic…but I’m sure you can fill in your own sad percentage you’ve heard with the American divorce rate. OK, back on to a positive note. These two are super uber cute. Ashtyn and Ben. Ashtyn is younger than me and ben is older than me. That’s all I’ll reveal about their ages. You cant deny love and whe im in in…you better bet the M word will cross my mind. That is one thing I didn’t bring back from my time in Sweden…who, for some reason, don’t see a need for marriage. Happy to have an American mind at this point. 

SO. The 3 other siblings from THIS post were oh so patient, while I stole these two away for some couple time. Have I said, just how much I Looooove couple sessions…they are so happy and fun and really cool to see how couples interact with each other and follow all my instructions and requests. Ashtyn has a heart for teaching – whether it is with students, yoga, kiddos at church, or her younger siblings. Ben and I attended the same lovely 4 year university and he is now in forensic accounting (whatever that is).  I don t know that I would attach the saying that “opposites attract” to them….well, because I don’t really know if they are even opposites but ashtyn is lively and definitely a first born and ben is calm and brings in a nice balance. That is as much as I can say without pretending that I know their whole life story. I do, however, know their story…that Ashtyn kindly shared with me. I love hearing these stories. Its so fun to hear how people are brought together. Even if I don’t know their whole detailed story…I can share my interpretation of their relationship via photos. Ok ok, on to those. Enough of me.


So there they are. I tried to keep it G-rated…as her 10 year old sister was looking on and her father would see these. HAHA. Just kidding, kissing is totally legal. They are totally married. I’ll say it just one more time. Couples couples couples. Best thing ever to have in front of my camera. although i am pretty stinkin fond of the delights i will be sending out to cyerbland next. really. enriching. stuff. trenchcoat. city streets. cigarettes. and a magician.  toodles. 

oh! also. I put together a little Christmas Card for these two. Their first card to send out. how lovely. I’m not sure if I’m “allowed” to ruin the surprise, but Im pretty sure none of the people on their receiving end will be reading my blog. so i had to share.


~ by Andria on December 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “captured: newlywedded”

  1. always great

  2. great couple, fun shots… love the card too.

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