Super Soiree

so. if i was a hilton heiresss or just even a non-private-school-post grad i MAY spend my weekends shopping, going to the spa, getting facials, pedi’s and mani’s, and all that girly hooplah like all.the.time. However, thats not the case, ALTHOUGH that doesnt mean that is not what i will be doing this thursday evening. yea, you heard me. remember when i did a photo shoot with the Duque Salon and then the Shimmer Beauty bar (here), well they happen to love all of the above and believe that everyone should be able to do so. for free. one day a year. that day is thursday.

incredible. i tell you. it starts at 6, so you’ll even escape the so annoying seattle parking payments – which is a huge plus for me. ok, I’ll go from a pessimistic point of view. for those of you that prefer to sit on the couch on thursdays. when (and i say when) you decide to roll on down to Ballard Ave and into Duque and Shimmer, just what will you see/get?

one of the first feet to cross into the gorgeous grounds of Shimmer Beauty Bar

aweseome one time only beauty deals.

pink champagne (you have me, right there)

FREE facials, spa treatments, make up applications, nails!

Lash Applications – at no cost, nope nada. nothing.

phychic readings. for the mystical gals. 🙂

the SHOETINI crew with all their goodies

a chance to shop with kickin deals….hello, its 23 days til Christmas

Boot Camp giveaways to ward off the evil results of holiday cookings

SWAG bags with who knows what inside

___get ready___

$1000 Girly Basket Giveaway!

(that’s = 1k. 100,000 pennies. $500×2)


I’m not one to beg and I definitely wont keep going on to try to convince you to come if you dont like free, awesome stuff and fun people. I, for one, will be there. Oh ya, did I mention…..holy moly I will have a photography booth there?!? Yahoo. I – will be even – offering a lovely offering with my services. but what will it be? come.

Here are the Nitty Gritty Details:

When: Thursday, December 3rd from 6 – 9 pm

Where: Shimmer Beauty Bar / Duque Salon + Spa  + Boutique

(5402 22nd Ave NW & 5348 Ballard Ave….they are 4 doors apart)

Why: because you’re a girl and you like girly fun stuff

Who: You. your friend. her mom. your neighbor.

See you there!

I’ll be the one with the camera glued to my face

I almost forgot! So, since me having a booth there is an on the fly thing. I said to my self…Andria, you need materials now. no waiting for shipping. that will grab the attention of those walking by. duh. I started off in a template putting together a few things and then i snapped out of my boring coma and said, what the heck, this is not my style…I must make my own. so i did. here is a sneak peek. do you like? would you remember me as anything but ordinary? ps. that’s my tagline. remember it.

business card

promo sheet

of course i couldn’t just make ONE and leave it. I need options. so what do we think about this B&W. simple? better? ugly as a weed? I need opinions. or maybe I will just completely re-design a  total new one?

that’s all for now, folks. Thursday = great girls night. SYT. (see you there)


~ by Andria on December 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Super Soiree”

  1. Fooey, I really want to come! Will you take some pics to capture the moment for those of us who can’t? Good luck with your booth, and I really dig your cards and handouts! Totally look like you! Will you send us some?

  2. Andria…you are the most magical girl there ever was in the land of Seattle and beyond. Your tag line is absolute perfection as you , and your work, are “anything but ordinary”. See you at the party. I will be the girl with the feathers in her hair…big smooch.

  3. hope it was a great success for all involved!! love how you write.

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