captured: a girl on the ledge

Timing is everything. A strand of wisdom weaving through my recent months and proving to be right in far more ways than one. A particular arena would be – yep – photography. I may have the camera and an idea in my head, but there have been several moments when really it was just that I was in the right place at the right time and whammmo…the magic happens. That completely absolutely applies here.   

Its not too hard to imagine this little lady does something related to yoga/pilates/some-sort-of-contortionist activities. Just look at that frame. She basically has yoga written on every inch of her skin. Me, however, no. I prefer activities that get your blood pumping. Maybe a little agression release. sweat. Movement. I have tried yoga far fewer times than the fingers on one hand. Maybe I need to branch out, but I just think I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing with all those weird moves. Back on track.

 I set out with Ashtyn to the famous Kerry Park to snap a few frames for her yoga portfolio. I cringed when she said Kerry Park. You mean, the most cliché, 1st date, tourist spot in Seattle? But I obeyed and thank the lord I did, because literally the heavens opened up and we got some incredible shots. PLUS there was NO one even there. What??!? That in itself is a shock. Here. This is simply a happening of being in the right place at the right time. Having my camera. And a girl worth capturing.







She makes yoga look good. And lululemon. I think I am going to take those in and slap em on Lulu’s counter and say, ok, here…use these in your store. Ha. But really, that would be sweet? Funny thing about these photos, is that no matter how peaceful it may appear…it was wet and freezing out (she was a trooper) and we were only there for 15 minutes. 15 minutes of perfect sky timing and then moved on. and ok i’ll just say it, cuz i know you’re wondering. how the heck does she have such a svelte figure? well, its in her genes…dont think she is on some celery diet. after all, we got back to the house and had some time to killl. sat and chatted….and in those few minutes, i think she consumed about 6 pumpkin raisin cookies. genes. genes. genes. some people are just that way.

In any case, her little peaceful poses make me maybe think twice about taking up this ‘activity.’ Considering the fact that I have been known to slam something and then come to find out I like it, I wouldn’t put it past me that this time next year, I’d be enrolled in a few classes. Hidy ho.

my oh my i am way so excited to let you in on an event that simply cannot be missed. if you are a girl…it is in your best interests to mosey back to my blog tomorrow….BIG event with BIG giveaways and way too much free stuff. thats all I’m saying for now. Call your girlfriends, Thursday Girls Night just became a must.

*bonus* i may or may not (heavy on the may) be making a “photographer appearance” at this event…OH, and a whole booth dedicated to MY photography. this IS happening. youza. Im excited.


~ by Andria on December 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “captured: a girl on the ledge”

  1. Love love love the space needle in the background! wow and the sun came out and you captured it shining on her little yoga body…perfect timing is right! great job
    Have fun thurs..nite w/ girls nite

  2. these to date are your best pictures yet…there is so much hidden in them that i have looked three times and i’m still finding more beauty and treasures in them the more i look!

  3. I’m truly impressed with your pics! Glad your Mom shared them with me!!! Looks like her ‘gift’ runs in the family!!

  4. Love your captures of Ash & her hot yoga bod 🙂

  5. Every time I see a new display of your talent I think it is my favorite! Well I think this really and truly is! WOW! Good luck with your booth at the Salon Gala, I’m sure you will just blow everyone away that stops for a peek! If it wasn’t so far I’d definitely be there, sounds like a fun party!

  6. bring by your card and some of these photos to the uvillage lululemon store! we are always looking to work with great photographers who know how to capture movement, fun and light for our ambassador photoshoots 🙂 my name is jill. i am the store manager and i would love to meet you.

  7. […] yet still beautiful and I got some of my most favorite material from a 15 minute shoot there (shown HERE). I got to the crest of 99 and my heart literally skipped. It was one of the most incredible sights […]

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