captured: a bunch of Bergers.

It’s the thought that counts. What a not-up-to-par concept, yet so true. The gift giving season has already arrived and although I did bypass Black Friday, I still get sorta anxious with the gift giving season. Maybe I over-think everything and maybe I just need to calm down a bit, but this is usually how my gift giving goes: “hi _________, what exact thing do you really want for your bday/Christmas/random holiday?” Then I go out and get that exact thing. There is no chance they will be disappointed. I win. We all win. The thing is, I love surprises and that directly conflicts with my gift giving habits. It is possible, I may go about a different method this upcoming holiday season. 

So I took this idea out on a little test-drive. It’s a combination actually. Half selfish/half wholehearted – and goes back to my opening quote – it’s the thought that counts – that backs up a recent secret-project I endeavored. Things like Mothers Day…..and College Graduation come about and you really feel powerless. What gift sums up my mother birthing me? Or my ‘premier’ education? Ya, talk about intimidating. Well that’s a tinsy bit of my initial thought when thinking about a certain Family I know.

The Berger Family. They are headed up by Bill and Sue. Bill is my pastor and has been for the past 4ish years. He is a larger than life man…literally, he is like 6’7, and all 79 inches of him is full of wisdom, a deep care, and crazy passion for the city & people of Seattle. He and his beautiful wife Sue have produced 4 string bean awesome kids (+1 marital addition) that I had the privilege to take on a supposed-to-be-secret-photo shoot. The secret part didn’t quite pan out – although the photo portion sure did. I wanted to work with a good-looking group of kids (selfish part) and be able to give something back to their family for their genuine love and commitment to community and people of this city (wholehearted part) *ding ding ding* give them photos.

We trekked through Queen Anne and in about an hour and a half, I was content with the material they allowed to me get. I may be a loud-lively gal from behind the camera…but these 5 did not need any coaching. They were made for natural interaction photos and were totally willing to run, jump, freeze, squat, stroll. We had a blast. I hope you can see all the spunk and joy these 5 have. Ashtyn…married to Ben. / Allyssa / Seth / and Allayna. (not A-lawn-a….like I said, it’s a-LAY-na.) Annywho. These are the branches of the Bergers. The roots are Bill and Sue. Maybe – just maybe – I ‘ll be able to show those two off at some point.

Just because they all have the same last name (well, besides the new name change) does not mean they all are alike. I got to see a tinge of their individuality and personality in just that short amount of time. Caring Queen Bee. Intelligent strength. Quiet sweet soul. Laid back lad. a pure pleasant innocence. Haha. That’s my short sentence at explaining them. I’d rather the photos explain than my words. And we’re off……

Challenge: bring an item that symbolizes your personality. / and Results…

 ___ My most absolute FAVORITE ___

That’s a wrap with the Berger family. Well the kiddos. I got more out of this project than they did. I did, however, have the opportunity to take the finished product over to their house last night and got to play a photo shoot slideshow for the whole house. Whew. I cant explain – truly cannot explain – the feeling that comes in being able to do something like that for someone. Having even the opportunity to do that is something I don’t think I could ever get tired of. It’s a high. I want to do it forever. And I hope to. sometimes, as a sibling or family member, you forget how incredibly blessed you are or the amount of love you have for your family…and the cool thing is, i get to watch people first-hand see a tangible reminder of their bond and love. that is what happened in the Berger dining room. awesome. aweseome. reminder of how incredible the concept of family ties are.

Yep, I branched out after this shoot…..took the eldest – Ashtyn – to a spot seen by many Seattlites, yet was able to capture a scene that I have never seen. I’ll leave it at that…but maybe, if you come back tomorrow…you will see what I mean.


~ by Andria on November 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “captured: a bunch of Bergers.”

  1. Great photos Andria! I love shooting in Laundry mats- they always turn out so funky. GREAT JOB~~

  2. interesting photos..

  3. Looks like lots of fun was had by all! Nice work!

  4. Great photos! Did you use a lensbaby in a few of those shots, or did you achieve the effect in post?

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