Duque has their own “we believe” mantra. I love theirs but I have my own. I believe everyone deserves crazy-beautiful-dreamy photos of themselves, Everyone deserves to want to show off a shot taken of them not stow it away in a box. Everyone deserves some one-on-one devoted time to capturing just what makes them beautiful and unique. I just so happen to really really really  enjoy these times and being able to give someone the chance to be in-love…with themselves. Yep, I said it. Be selfish. Conceited. I like it. I want to shoot it.

With that said, I just had to grab the owner of duque – Giovanna – for a few one-on-one moments. I got to shooting and she got to talking and then I found out even more about her that made me want to capture her beauty. Reason being, Giovanna has beaten breast cancer, just like my own mother. There is just something so strong and beautiful about a woman who has beat this cancer. I didn’t have to try that hard to find a good shot with this one, although she did mention she hadn’t seen a beautiful shot of herself since she got sick. Helllllo, that was motivation for me right then and there. I think we got some gorgeous shots. I’m thrilled with her warm-dreamy-look here. Stunning.



NEXT up to bat. Shimmer. Shake. Baby. Duque Salon just couldn’t stop when they conquered the whole ‘rockin-salon-boutique-spa’ thing so they branched out. Not that far out, actually only 4 doors down – and opened up Shimmer Beauty Bar. This place is seriously like a girly-dream-world. Makeup galore. Pink walls. Chandeliers. An lash extension loft. Oh yes, and a table with high class hard Alcohol? Is that even legal? If its not, I was just kidding.

The beauty bar is open every day from 11 to 7…so strap on your 5 inch heels and get on into Shimmer. Giovanna may be right at the door with a friendly greeting and full of life personality. The first time I was in there, Giovanna greeted a guest by name and chatted her up for 6 minutes or so. The whole point of me writing a local lisings is exactly for reasons and treatment like that. The girl knows quality and I ensure you, you will be treated as royalty in her presence.

*also* exciting news! Shimmer has not even had its coming out party! That’s right, December 3rd is there full-blown celebration. With what I know about this crew…I am guessing they know how to throw a party or two. Oh yea, there will be two. One at Shimmer and one 4 doors down at duque. Food. Champagne. A chance to win $1000 girly basket. All I’m sayin is, I know where I’ll be December 3rd from 6-8 pm. See you there. 

who wouldn’t love to spend time in this pink little marshmellow? haha. i think it is the most darling girly spot in town and i cant wait to go in and play around with some face paint – aka make up.

I will relay a humorous happening that occured the first time i sat down to chat with Giovanna. The Duque team was trying to finalize the new Shimmer tagline. After thoughts and ideas were thrown around….Giovanna;s idea got shut down hardcore…but i liked it, so I’m sharing it. “Why be ugly if you don’t have to?” Ok, that might not have been her exact words but you get the idea and also her spunky personality. She says it like it is and I like that. We need more people who dont dance around the truth. Giovanna Giovanna. what a fun name and personality.

 Tip toe into Shimmer and paint the town pink.

Here is the Event Info!


~ by Andria on November 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “”

  1. She is Beautiful and her story touches my heart!! would love to meet her sometime.

  2. looks like your mom and i need to make a road trip to Seattle to check this place out! Have a great Thanksgiving Andi!

  3. I’m sorry, but can we talk about her BEAUTIFUL Dior shoes?!

    You have captured such beauty with your photography – job well done Andria!



  4. […] The rings I got in Sweden. The rings given to me by a very special gal – a gift for giving her a gift of photos.  It was this woman. […]

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