Local Listing: Duque Salon+Spa+Boutique

When I was two, my crib was set up in a salon. I’ve been around hairdressers all my life. I used to cut the hair of a manikin from some hair school that had “do not cut” sharpie on it, although we always thought it said, “do not eat.” Ok, this is not an obsession of mine (although, I am a girl), its just that my mom happens to be a hairdresser which means that I have a warm place for them and a healthy respect for their skill…after all, they have the power to  make you look like a bald rat. That’s power. Pay attention.   

The crew at duque salon + spa + boutique would never dream of such a thing – even if their personalities do fill the room far beyond capacity, they know what they’re doing. Seriously, this group of stylists, make-up artists, designers, waxers, relaxers, nail perfecters and shopping encouragist’s are a kick in the pants. Open now for 9 years down on Ballard Ave, the salon has grown – immensely – in popularity since its first day and has grown to have quite the tip-top reputation in the oh-so-connected community in Ballard.

There are two types of people out there: glass half-empty & glass-half full. The people at duque happen to be glass-crazy-overflowingly-full people. The aspect I LOVE about this salon is the fact that they do not skimp on one little detail of their business. They inject their lively, 100% Italian, family focused personalities into the salon. From their slogan, “we fix bad hair” to the “we believe…” mantra fixed on their front wall – which does say that pedicures and good hygiene are not simply a luxury, that negativity stops creativity, everyone possesses a unique beauty, and dreams can and do come true – plus many others worth reading and believing. Every inch and article of the salon has a creative thought behind it and truly a beautiful space to spend some time in.

There is just something so positive and fun as soon as you hear that duque door bell jingle. It’s like a never ending girly playground: jewelry, clothing, purses, beauty products, stationary, make up, panty galore, a spa that looks like heaven, a nail room balcony, and of course an incredible stage in which the real magic happens. On your hair that is. Oh, and as if they needed another draw…there is a full-blown candy bar. Yes, they believe your insides should be just as pampered when you leave duque. All in all, a salon that I like to think of as a desitnation not just a stop-in. Get on in there and you will see what I mean. They are winners and I’m sure they can work some magic and make you appear to be a winner as well.

I stopped in this week to shoot their crew and my-oh-my was it a doozy. A good doozy. Giovanna and Robert Duque are the owners. She is a queen bee diva with a killer personality and he is the all-knowing hair god of the salon. Really, what a dynamic duo. It’s a family ran business (hoot hoot) that also includes autumn (eyebrow queen) and Bruno who will kick your butt in his boot-camp training (hello brides!). Not to mention, they are supported by a dang-good lookin crew and treat them as family just the same. I spent 4 hours with this group and I didn’t even want to leave. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I left with a smile on my face and 785 photos. Here are some. There is no chance the photos do their beautiful space (and people) justice. Go in and find out for yourself.

LASTLY. i do not claim to have a posed-group-shot knack. it goes with the local isting thing…but i,….ok i’ll just stop there. you get it.

ok, I must also say – you pronounce the salon like, “Doo-Kay.” I was puzzled for quite some time and if I was, then maybe you were too. Or maybe it was just me. Either way. Duque. Doo-kay.

– a fun one – they run a tight crew.

Whoa. They are fun, right? I wish you could have heard all that was going on in this space. If you’re intrigued…I say, head on in and tell ‘em I sent you…if you do, you’ll get a free wax. Ok, I lied about that…but they may give you a high five.

Take a Look Around Duque

Guess what?!? If you know me, you know its hard for me to shut my Canon off. In parallel, after this shoot I stole Giovanna away for some one-on-one time, which is really the type of work I enjoy. And then it goes on. I also skipped 4 doors down to their brand new girlish-heaven of a store “Shimmer” – all of which, I will of course be revealing to you tomorrow. Yipee. More. More more.


~ by Andria on November 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Local Listing: Duque Salon+Spa+Boutique”

  1. So fabulous! We have to go there for our pre-wedding pampering day!

  2. Beautiful Photos!

    Would love to know what camera you’re using? Photography is a little passion of mine. Yolanda

  3. This is so great and Since I have been at this Salon w/ you visiting you are right you gotta go see it in person, but the pics are Fabulous. The Salon has such a good feel when you are there in person…another great photo shoot Andi. love the laughter..

  4. Cool Salon! Can’t wait for you to come to Spo and try to make us look stylish and sophisticated! oh wait, we really are! JK! Anyway, that would be a blast for us to be the subject of your attention especially now since we are all looking pretty hot after our biggest loser challenge! ❤

  5. I walk by Duque every morning, but haven’t popped in yet. After reading your post, it sounds like I need to hop to it. I can’t remember the last time I *liked* a haircut I’ve received in Seattle…

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