captured: alleyway attitude

I introduced a gal last week – Brittany Shefts – hand in hand with her boutique on 1st, Strut. I did explain that she spends about 7 days a week in that store and as much fun we did have shooting with those bright pink walls you can see HERE, we also branched out and hit the Belltown streets. Everybody knows , work can start to feel like home, or at least that you live there, so I broke her out. Stole her away. And got some fresh air. Luckily we were able to even leave the store – thanks to her best pal, who saved the day and stood guard over Strut.     

Aside from the construction workers looking on, we flew solo through a few alleyways and got these photos. I like them, I think they fit the look and feel she has going on. And…..that’s that.

Don’t worry, I didn’t make her close the store and we didn’t just leave it vacant – no – luckily, her best pal came in to stand guard over Strut. Speaking of that…who was It, you ask? A feisty local designer who you may have enjoyed on the bomb show Project Runway. Sadly, no, not Heidi Klum. But either way he was a fun one and hopped into a closet with Brittany and I so I gave them 15 seconds to give me 10 different poses and looks. thats why they are all so similiar. Here are some of my favorites.   ps. i love this closet.

You can read a great Project Runway article on him HERE and a funny video of him on Project Runway HERE. Seattle pretty much rocks at turning out stars for reality TV. American Idol got slammed by the PNW…plus a number of others on Top Chef, Project Runway….and others I am probably forgetting. Cool. Our city has a great reputation for producing winners. People. Companies. Ideas. We win.


Over and out. Tomorrow. Oh tomorrow. I will be introducing another local listing – and they’re a lively bunch. I actually have another week with a lot to show. Several projects and people to show you. A very special project coming down the line. I can barely wait. But its Thanksgiving week…should i? Should I not? Depends on my patience. Toodles.

~ by Andria on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “captured: alleyway attitude”

  1. I LOVE BLAIRRRRRR!!! He was, hands down, the hipest designer on that season of PR. Whoohoo!

  2. Super fun! I love the stockings and the graffiti! Nice work

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