Confessions of a 20-something-raring-to-go-gal. Yes. That’s me. It’s show and tell time. I’ve done plenty of showing, now it’s time for the tell. Here goes. First of all, this may seem out of place – but I must verbally/physically/publically get out what has been on my heart/mind/brain/subconscious for a few weeks. I blurted out HERE how my recent month abroad changed my perspective on things. Well, my feet being on US soil hasn’t exactly meant I’ve stopped seeing all new horizons.   

They say, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Every post-grad (and humans) aim. Something that became a hobby abroad, came home with me and turned into a whole new beast. This is actually a love story – not a diary entry. I have been holding off spelling all this out, but we all know when you love something it shows with your words or not – Beyonce and Jay-Z had no one fooled for all those years – so I’m spilling.


After a few hesitant days and moments where I told myself, “no, this cant be true” I was quiet and let the truth scream out. I’m absolutely-undeniably-completely convinced I know where I want to spend my days and career. I am hoping that Andria Lindquist and Photographer become synonymous. That is correct. I’m jumping head first into this and don’t plan on coming back up. Haha that sounded dangerous. Ok, I’ll cut the crap. I have never been so fulfilled, excited, enthused, encouraged and passionate than I am when I have that camera in my hands. Then when I am scoping out a spot. When an idea comes to me on location. When I leave a session with someone and am high as a kite. Or when I hand off the final product  to the person I shot…it’s the best feeling ever and I’d be fine doing that for many days to come.

Who knew I would spend 4 years at a University with an idea in my head – only to head off to Sweden – and find out this dormant monster was just waiting for me to throw out my agenda and pick up a camera. I know, this all sounds over the top dramatic. but I don’t care, I mean it. I am blown away from the kind words, emails, messages I’ve received from people I don’t even know  – not to mention the most important people in my life encourage me to run with this. Im running. I don’t claim that I have it all planned out, am anywhere close to educated as I want to be, or that I even know the exact niche I am going to lodge myself into. BUT what I do know, is I have more excitement in this than I ever have doing anything else and that is a feeling I never want to lose.

 Ok, so that’s the big confession. Maybe you already knew. Or maybe you don’t even care and this was just something I had to get out. In that case, wait til the next posting…the photos will be back. I just want to shout from the roof tops. But I wont, considering we have quite a slanted roof and its freakin cold out. I hope to constantly be growing, learning, meeting, shooting, giving. I wont even think about stop sharing on here, so don’t get my words twisted. If you have any ideas, thoughts, pointers, good jokes….send ‘em my way.

*Also* I am hoping that maybe-just-maybe someone will read this and be able to relate and say, “hey, you know what…I AM going to open that pedicure library.” I mean really, who doesn’t want to read a brand new book while they get their nails painted? I say go for it. It’s funny, that quote I made up back in THIS post proves to be exactly what summarizes what I’ve learned lately.

“She never knew the plan for her life, until she stopped planning.”

It’s out. Done. Check and check. You know my secret. I wont keep it quiet. Ok. The Oprah session is over. Si-in-arr-uh.

Here is a Quick List of What’s To Come:

{ just so you’re not thrown off }

Many many many posts sharing photos and people I meet

A website

A slick-slack-sweet business card

Random telling and thoughts thrown your way

Hours of editing (but that’s on my end)

mending my name to good, always creative work

less of that “captured” wording. i like the concept. the word is gettin on my nerves.

Local listings…that’s right, interview & pictures.

Mentorships. That’s my hope.

Happiness. lots of it.

~ by Andria on November 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “*Confessional*”

  1. I couldn’t be more proud of you! It’s great to read this and hear the joy that comes out of it. Andi in just 2 months your pictures and touched alot of people’s hearts. Look forward to seeing God’s plan for you come to life. Your amazing and Blessed. Don’t stop believing. You rock!

  2. Run, Run, Run and don’t look back!!! Life is short and you deserve to do what you love and love to do what you are good at! Besides, if you stop now, where will I get my Andria fix?

  3. so i’ve been stalking your blog for awhile now but never commented…you have a great talent and eye for pictures and i want to encourage you in your desire to run after this dream! keep up the awesome work…if you haven’t already discovered her, jasmine star is a fabulous so cal wedding photographer who often shares her secrets to shooting on her blog. highly recommend checking her out – http://www.jasminestarblog.com

  4. […] A month I came to the stark realization that my career was definitely in photography. I posted THIS POST that was more a diary entry than a blog write-up and since then hundreds of people have read my […]

  5. That is awesome Andria! I don’t know if you remember me, i went to SPU too. I live in Germany now with my hubby and if you ever come back overseas i would LOVE to hire you/show you around Germany! You have an awesome God given talent and i think it is just wonderful that you are so excited to pursue this dream!

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