so i know i said yesterday that i would be showing the other half of Brittany’s shoot here today. but i blogg-lied. i have a little something else to share today. i got a surprise visitor and first time-trip up to Zoka by Green Lake yesterday afternoon – and as if that little stint in my day wasn’t already a pleasant one…it gave me the perfect opportunity to dedicate my little hands (or not so little) and brain to a project i have had my mind on few a few weeks. sometimes it takes an unplanned break-in to your day to leave calls and just have some kindergarten art time. my manager gave me the go-ahead to switch and bait and show you this. so i dont feel guilty. 

there isn’t much to say about this…mostly, because i have already have a big spill written out for tomorrow that explains where my head is at right now….BUT here is the collage thing i made. what can you do with an old cereal box and W Magazine? yep. this. Im pretty sure the people in Zoka (which, i’d like to mention – had ALOT of ppl, due to their coffee being stickin gooood) thought i was cookoo for shredding this magazine edward scissorhands style…but i had an idea in my head and i needed to get it out, even if it may have appeared that i was just prepping for my hamster cage, the bits and pieces all have meaning and i am oddly surprised at how i like the final result. thats all.

I dont know if you can read all the doo-dad writngs, but i pieced them all together to form some feelings/thoughts/considerations i have at this moment in my life. i also learned of this great quote about how words written down ages ago, still have the power to affect men later on. ok, it was something like that… i cant remember. but how true and how cool is that!? fashion goes out of style. food preferences change. but the written word (if it is good) will always remain as a challenge.wisdom. truth. i like the idea behind that quote. and i cant remember who it was now. darn. 

enough of that. here is my modge podge.

it’s not like i really got anything out of making that. except for my own satisfaction and a way to have a physical outlet for what’s going on in my mind. this way i can remember what i was thinking at 11.09. ok thats all for today. tomorrow is the tell-all day. excited. maybe i’ve already said too much?

whoa. talk about a quick response. a little bird sent me the quote i mentally misplaced. whoa. enjoy.

The words of fire that from his pen were flung upon the fervid page, still move, still shake the hearts of men, amid a cold and coward age. -William Cullen Bryan


~ by Andria on November 19, 2009.

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