Local Listing: STRUT Boutique

I had this thought. Wouldn’t it be cool, if I was able to spotlight a bomb local business to those who fancy reading Emerald City Sightings? Several reasons feeding into that: 1) Small/local businesses are a huge part of Seattle and a ginormous source of my love for this city. 2) As much as I love chains like Nordstrom and Starbucks (well, maybe not the latter) I think things might just be better if we all tried to the neighborhood spot instead of the place everybody goes. 3) Word of mouth is the best way to go and if I like something or somewhere…maybe you will too.

So here is the rundown. I’m aiming to turn out a once a week spotlight called “Local Listing: _______” where I interview, shoot, and describe a Seattle business worth you checking out. Maybe it wont be every week. Maybe it will be twice in a week one time. I’m not sure but this way, I can force myself to constantly be meeting new people/owners/cool businesses and then pass the love and local spot on to you. Fun I think. Hope it works just dandily.  

SO. Here is the first LOCAL LISTING: Strut Boutique.

When I think of the word Strut, I think of a direct, with a purpose, stand out of the crowd type of walk. When I think of the Boutique Strut, down on 1st, very similar descriptions come to mind. Maybe it’s the florescent pink walls or the bare-naked-christmas-light-covered manikins in the window OR maybe it’s the fact that the owner is a 20 year old. All of the above actually. I recently met up with Brittany Shefts, the chick behind the idea and passion fueling this off the chart boutique, for an interview and photoshoot. Oh and it was a fun one.

Strut blew out its one year anniversary candles just last week and is headed towards another exciting year of shopping, in-store events, and photoshoots – in an elevator – most definitely going up on the Gold and Stone” blog. Brittany explains the boutique’s personality to “have something for everyone…whether it’s feminine, rocker, conservative, or sexy” and focus on “bringing something new to the fashion industry in Seattle.” Kudos Brit, I’m pretty certain there is no other 20 year old girl running a belltown business.

The lines she chooses to carry are popular among the best dressed in Hollywood and bring a fun flavor to Seattle. Take heart Strut shoppers, when wearing a peice from her boutique…there is not a chance you will experience the, “oh-hey-there-is-my-twin-outift” on the streets – any one of the 70 lines shown by Strut reign from her buying trips to LA, NY, and Magic in Vegas – all of which she ensures are not carried more than one or two other spots around town. All in all, a stand out shop.

Don’t let her age fool you – or make the mistake in thinking that she doesn’t know what she is doing. This is not a come-and-go interest  or thrown together idea. With the support of her family and a rarin’ passion for fashion – Strut was birthed from an on the plane idea to a very real concept. Brittany doesn’t know, but before I went in to her store that day, I was scoping out “Endless Thread” a few doors down and chatted up the 70-something manager lady who only had the kindest things to say about Strut and Brittany being a part of the community. Although, she was quite jealous of the Strut manikins compared to her old ladies in the window.

Upon entrance to Strut, you may be overtaken with the many choices, bright colors and pictures of celebrities all over the walls; but that is just what sets Strut apart and injects flavor from the floor to the ceiling. Brittany is typically behind the counter 7 days a week and will give you her very-real opinion…like she did the first time I stopped in and put my curiosity to rest.

Brittany says that her aim to be “outside of the everyday fashion,” and in my opinion that applies to the lines she brings into the store as well as what she struts on in wearing to work each day. I think you will see she her unique flavor clearly shows through to the photos here. I wanted to show a face to a story and allow you to see how fun this girl is. I challenged her to really let loose, use the environment, props and – yes – even dance to an imaginary beat I had playing. We had a fun time and found some new spots that no other interviewer has snapped up. Here is Strut. Here is Brittany. If you like a personal and vibrant shopping experience…stroll on in to Strut. 1st and Bell. 


fun right? yes, she is. and so are the expereinces I have had in her boutique. what’s with all the pick though Brittany? After all…there are mens clothing within those walls. I dont think any other color would be any more appropriate to this gals bright personality and inevitable way her boutique stands out in Seattle. Strut is growing and changing and will be celebrating their 1 year Anniversary with a kickin’ event in January. Go to Strut’s website to find out more here soon! 

Think I am done with her? Nope. Come on back tomorrow to see the photos we got outside the store and on the streets of Belltown. Luckily, her best friend came in to watch the store, who also may be appearing on tomorrow’s post. Who is this character that hopped in the closet with us? Ever watch Project Runway? That’s the clue. See you then.



~ by Andria on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Local Listing: STRUT Boutique”

  1. Looks like a fun place to check out the next time I’m in Seattle! Nice work once again Andi! Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] a week in that store and as much fun we did have shooting with those bright pink walls you can see HERE, we also branched out and hit the Belltown streets. Everybody knows , work can start to feel like […]

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