captured: neon skirt. bright soul.

sometimes too much of a good thing is too much. like christmas every day. or loaded butterfinger icecream for each meal. but this is different. here is the 2nd and last posting from the photoshoot with Lady Laura, which i showed HERE yesterday.

I learned in 2nd grade that no snowflake is alike. I found out a long time ago that – besides Will Smith in Men in Black – we all have different fingerprints. I learn every time I shoot, that people and new locations inspire me in completely different ways because of their distinctive demeanor and self. It makes for a fun time and never gets old. I hope that shows through here as well. dun dun dun. Laura times 2.











 and on to the LAST spot!





Because of the wind we were freezing and I no longer could hold on to my ice cube of a camera – SO – we stopped in for some coffee at my most favorite place. Canal Street Café. It was so nice to caffeine up and sit and chat about our lives. Just another great part of the afternoon.

… a favorite …

and thats that. just another one i wanted to share and many more to come i’m sure. i get so excited each time and i swear this one is my favorite – well, that is – until tomorrow’s posting. speaking of that. Tomorrow i will be posting an all-new idea and yes…interview-ish photoshoot. get ready for metal eye patches and florescent pink walls.



~ by Andria on November 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “captured: neon skirt. bright soul.”

  1. i (somehow) came across your blog and love it all! you are an AWESOME photographer!!! keep up the awesome work!

  2. Aaaaammmazing!!

  3. Can’t wait till tomorrow for more! I Just can’t get enough!

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