Here’s the thing. I live with this blondie {Brynn Nelson} and she has been working her little butt off to organize an awareness event for the very real Sex Trafficking industry. Remember the movie Taken? Ya, I was quite disturbed after that movie…but more so because its REAL. Dang. Now, this post if very different from my normal whitty writings and photo plasterings. There is nothing jokey about this topic…so, I’ll hold my tongue. Below, you can get a glimpse into Miss Nelson’s mind and why she is just so passionate about this topic. Hey, I’m all about passion. Share girl. Share.

Take a quick minute to read her words…enough of me. 

Human trafficking and sex slavery are two very misunderstood, and unfortunately, somewhat ignored issues that exist in our world today. The human trafficking industry generates $32 billion per year – for you math wizards…that’s more than Nike, Starbucks and Google combined, and yet most people do not even know it exists. It breaks my heart to think about girls as young as 7 years old being held. As sex slaves. for the gratification of their pimps. and the men purchasing them. Know any 7 year olds? Think about it. And on top of that, the people creating demand for this industry are American tourists! Not only are we enabling this issue overseas, but Seattle has recently been labeled as a “hot spot” for smuggling slaves right here into the U.S. This is an issue that happens in our Seattle neighborhoods.

I think that the only way to bring sex slavery to an end is by advocating for these women and girls, and revealing the sad truth about this industry. I will be showing the Call+Response documentary at the event I’m organizing and it does a great job of exposing this information – which must be heard, seen, felt. We will also be able to hear from a few local advocates speak about their own experience with this issue. Meet Mindy Kalee…she just returned from Cambodia, where she worked for two years in a rescue facility caring for underage girls who were rescued from sex slavery. She knows this stuff first hand.

I am excited for the opportunity to reach out to the community of Seattle, and take a necessary step to bringing an end to human trafficking. I hope that you will join me November 16th and be a voice for the 27 million people who are currently held as slaves, because even ONE human life affected by slavery is one too many.


Right. Seriously. Take out your pen (not pencil) and write in STOP TRAFFIC on the evening of Monday, November 16th. That’s this next Monday. There is nothing even good on TV that night….you have no excuse. I will be there and so will thousands of others. Ok, maybe. But for reals, I am eager to see all that my gal pal has prepared. She did, even, sit and call every grocery store in Seattle to donate. Yes, there will be free food. Woohoo. I’m there.

Here are the straight up details:

Where: All Saints Church….a great spot on Queen Anne / 1716 2nd Ave N.

When: November 16th / 6-8 pm.

Who: You. Duh.

Why: Because it’s Real. Horrible. Must be heard.

Contact: Brynn Noel Little Lady Nelson – / 971-235-6000

ONE MORE THING! The best thing you can do is: 1) come. 2) Tell someone else and bring em. And then tell them to tell someone. It’s like telephone. That sweet elementary game. Ready. GO! See you NEXT MONDAY at 6.

Ok, I lied. I’m putting up one of my pictures. Here she is. The gal behind the event. Just so you know who to look for when you come next Monday. She’s clapping because you’re coming.




~ by Andria on November 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “TRAFFIC Stopper”

  1. I remember driving by a building in Burien, just south of Seattle – actually right across the border – with no sign, no light coming out of the windows, and always a full parking lot. For a while I thought it must be a bar, but that didn’t make a lot of sense, and a bit of wonder lingered in the back of my mind.

    About a year ago, I heard that a prostitution house full of ladies who were brought over here from the Far East was shut down. The address, when put into Google Maps, seemed to be exactly this bizarre place. Really, it makes a lot of sense.

    Your blog posting is the first I’ve heard that Seattle is considered a hot bed for this sort of thing, and honestly, I would never have suspected it. But this strange memory seems to lend credence to what you say.

    It’s really too bad that evil flourishes in the world.

  2. goooooooooooooooooo brynnda!!!

  3. Wish I could be there! It’s a bit of a drive on a work night but certainly a worthy cause! Good for you girls, stand up for our sisters who obviously don’t have a choice!

  4. Great job Brynn for standing up to this and the work you have done to make this night happen, and Andi for posting it…wish I could be there as well. I will pray it will be a huge success!! wow so sad to think of the girls involved in such a ugly life and what they go thru….sick!

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