captured: A Human Forest

I was wrong. Not all guys loathe being the object of my attention. Ha. I got to put all of my attention on a certain male last week and was soo 180 degrees pleased at how he and I got along on our set of Seattle. Now. Now. I am not confused nor did I forget that this fella has a girlfriend. She does live in my house and is a great friend of mine. She was so kind to offer up the idea of Kevin being the object of my attention for a few hours. dont guys just love being offered up? 

Now, I know Sara is a detail oriented gal. I’ve seen her intensely-color coordinated closet and know that she used to excel sheet organize her outfits in middle school. That is not a lie. BUT I still had to giggle when Sara truly came thru on the stylist role she had in this process. She came, in tow, with several outfits, nicely pressed and of course color coordinated. I love it.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Kevin Forrest. I met him back in the spring. I cant really remember when I met him actually. But I do know that one of our first interactions was when I got to attend the Sounders game with Miss Latter. Family suite. Players lounge. Freddy Montero? That is not a normal occurrence for me…but I’m not denying I didn’t get all excited being in the goalie box post game. Ha. Just because I have big hands doesn’t mean I could ever save a goal. Back on track. Since then I have gotten to know Kevin thru haircuts (call me Edward scissorhands) and numerous hang sessions. He is a rad guy. Super laid back and easy going.

He, Sara and I set out with no particular spot in mind. I love doing things that way. Its super exciting and like a little treasure hunt. What will I find. What will I find. I absolutely love some of the stuff we got. He and I kept things moving and steered away from standing still very long and before we knew it…it was dark! I sort of forgot how it gets dark now at 5 OCLOCK…thank you day light savings. Boo.

Enough chitter chatter. Here is the man of the hour.























I think we both surprised each other at how comfortable we would be shooting together. I really had a fun time and remain insistent on not planning exact spots to shoot. Keeps it fresh. Ok, not that I am biased, but I am going to be biased for a quick minute. I like these shots, but I am absolutely. In. love. With the accidental shots we got once it turned dark. Lets just say, things heat up a little. Hahaha. Soon, I will be posting just what I’m talking about. Sara. Kevin. Piers. Shadows. And a ladyon the prowl.

Be on the lookout.

~ by Andria on November 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “captured: A Human Forest”

  1. Again andi these shots look straight out of a magazine!! nicely done….:) look forward to whats next

  2. Thanks again for sharing your handsome friends and fab photos!

  3. […] to show these. I was super bummed when the sun sunk at 5pm when I was shooting Kevin which I showed HERE the yesterday. Oh, but wait. As I’ve stated before, things get really good when you don’t plan […]

  4. great shots!!

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