Ga-Ga Glitter Gala


because jobs change lives.

a powerful phrase and absolutely, undeniably true. I have a premonition & hope that my job will change my life. Which is exciting but also not what this post is about. I got the call again – which I love – from Beauty Revolution Magazine’s Kristina Krug to tag along with her to the Glitter Gala that took place Thursday at the Sheraton. Many things can be said about this event but I’ll keep it simple as I know the photos are really what you want. 

The Glitter Gala is an auction, dinner, and fashion show (and excuse to get all glammed up) that benefits Goodwill’s free job training and education programs. All the costumes are gathered and designed by the students of the Art Institute, the hair and makeup was generously donated by the regal Robert Leonard Salon & Spa, and 60 volunteer models all offered up their bodies. In a non-sacrificial way of course. But really…hair, make up, fabulous outfits…truly a daunting task. There were also many incredible sponsors such as: Safeway, Pemco, our home and glory Nordstrom, the Boeing bunch, and countless others. All in all, it was a dashing event and an honor to be a part of.

Taking photos in a hotel hall is not exactly my ideal location but I was overjoyed to find out, the Sheraton hallway make more a mean backdrop. The theme conjured up was a flashback through America’s most famous movies. With two large screens displaying our favorite characters and songs that honestly made the crowd erupt in applause with the first note, I think it’s safe to say the AI chose a winner of a theme.

Wizard of Oz. Countless classic oldies. Titanic. Grease. Of course, Twilight (hello, Nordstrom was there), and what do you know…my own pal Tim that I shot up on Capital Hill in this post just so happened to be Napoleon Dynamite. What are the odds.

——   Here are the photos and a glimpse into the evening.  ——



Wicked Witch




ya lady. i loved mama mia.






Girl Power Hour Owner & MC – Darnell Sue



Robert Leonard Salon’s Jason Hill


Art Institute Volunteers and some glammed out girls


behind the scenes




hello mr. bridge. as in the jeweler.



and the show begins



my picks for the evening

— Merk R. Livingston of the Art Institute —


a regal woman in fur



It was the 2nd annual Glitter Gala event and only one of the ways that this organization benefits the Goodwill. They also put on a bomb Glitter Sale – where you may just find a Niemen Marcus little black dress in your hands, like my gal pal Kristina did last year at the event. You can find more information on that sale here. Which i recommend considering its coming up on November 14th and 15th!

Woopity Doo. What a fun event and I have to admit, I much more enjoy being on the photographer end than my previous event planner self. It feels much more at home. Just a thought and goes back to the Good-ol-Goodwill phrase: because jobs change lives.



~ by Andria on November 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Ga-Ga Glitter Gala”

  1. what a fun post, the pics are so glamorous! great job again

  2. um I think you found your career miss Andria! I’m so impressed by all your work & I am looking forward to seeing you grow more and more as a photographer! wow!

  3. wow these are super cool! good job girl.

  4. i think you are right hil. so excited.

  5. The Sheraton makes an excellent backdrop! Where is that metal? Looks very edgy and cool.

  6. […] know who you are) said she recognized me back from the fashion show I shot at (which you can see here)…anyway, she mentioned that she was now a reader of my blog! What a coincidence and funny […]

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