captured: little brady boy

warning: there is partial nudity in this posting.

but last time i checked, little kids are ok to run around half naked with most people not batting an eye. i – for one – think its really cute, they better hold onto it while they can cuz there is a certain point when running around screaming in a diaper is no longer cute. or appropriate.brady’s still got it.

back on the trail here. I snuck brady away for a quick minute while his mama was getting ready. As if primping with a newborn isn’t hard enough, add this little guy into the mixture. I cant get over his funny personality in front of a camera. He kind of just sits there and looks. But totally digs it, he is not fooling me. Plus I gave him a bowl of M&M’s…wait, it was only a prop, Kristen, I swear. I didn’t let him have any. Maybe. Here he is.














brady and i share the liking for candy. i used to have an obsession and incorporated it into every hour of my day. i can prove it, cuz at the age of 7…I’m pretty sure i had at least 7 cavaties. woopsies. i think shooting kids is fun…but only if i can steal them away and just hang, shoot, and play. hope your falling in love with this little cutie like i have. tra-la-la. thats all i have on him now.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing a crazy-fun event i shot last night. Wicked Witch of the West. a tranny. Tin WOman.and a lucious lady in FUR.


~ by Andria on November 6, 2009.

One Response to “captured: little brady boy”

  1. Andi, these are great- I love kid pictures. They can be really hard to get. Big sister correction- you had more than 7. At one time didn’t every one of your teeth have a cavity? Just kidding.

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