captured:innocent bystanders

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Or just keep showing you. If you’re standing around me, you may end up on here. Haha. These 2 couples just so happened to be along for the ride. Call me demanding (but i like Andria better) cuz I insisted they step out from behind me and in front of the camera.i like even numbers in photos. Its only fair. Erica brought me a chair. She earned it. These are just for fun and happened real quick…but here is Erica and Nate – my devious roommate and her BF. And then Collin and Kelley. I met Kelley just that day – but man-o-man, she is a funny one. My favorite part was when I told Kelley and Collin to sit on the edge, but not put their feet in and then – whaamo Kelly put her whole feet and shins in the water – like it was a hot august day and got soaked. Nerd. SO. Here they are: Innocent Bystanders.   

A little FYI.

 Now this is very important. I don’t want any “congratulations” being sent to Kelley/Collin and Erica/Nate – they are NOT engaged. I repeat. These were a mere result of me not wanting to put down my camera NOT because they begged me to document their true love story. They’re just pictures. There. The air is clear. in case anyone was wondering or your name is keith.




















why is there such a serious stigma with photos and people who are dating? its like the impending doom of a photo  – you take it, and oh-boy, you better buckle your seat belt cuz your on the fast track to marriage. i get it. kinda. but come on, cant we all just enjoy the moment. i’m so absolutely in love with couples in front of my camera woohooo. makes me all giddy. its fun to see the personality couples have. i just say, “ok, play.” and then this lovely stuff happens.

tomorrow….m&ms and a love sac


~ by Andria on November 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “captured:innocent bystanders”

  1. Haha, what fun! Great pics friend, you are good.

  2. It cracks me up that you have such a thing for feet. That’s one of the things I love the best about the stuff you “capture”!

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