captured: Kirk/Kristen/Kiddos

There isn’t really any of the Lindquist clan on this side of the mountains and a growing number going to Arizona. I’m not one for that 112* heat. No thanks. SO, I get really excited whenever we get to head east and go to Sammamish to visit Kirk and Kristen. They are like the cool older cousins I never got (i dont have any married older cousins, I’m not just slammin my family. ha.). I first strolled into their household (in their pre-kiddo days) when I was a freshman in college and immediately was taken in for my sarcastic self and the fact that I was mass-producing baked goods in their kitchen.

They have been busy little bees…and now have 2 adorable munchkins. Brady and Emery. I already showed you pictures of them herebut now I get to introduce the whole family of 4. Cant really see much of emery all bundled up, but considering the uncontrolled cuteness of Brady, I think she has some really great potential adorability coming her way. I give lots of credit to Kristen. I don’t know what I will be like 3 weeks-post-pregnancy but I doubt I will be penciling in family photos. Cheers.

 KirkKristen - Copy











Darling. Just darling. I swear, dads and their sons, its one of the cutest things everrrr. gets me every time – it’s like their little mini-me.  Funny how I’m introducing people you most wont ever get to meet. too bad. They are ra-healllly great. I realize they aren’t even my family, but I’ll take what I can get. Treat your friends as family and you’ll always feel at home. I think I read that somewhere. Its pretty true.

Tomorrow, we have some innocent bystanders on the choppin block. and i just have to say it, if you think little brady is cute here…just wait til friday. i cant get enough of that little stinker.


~ by Andria on November 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “captured: Kirk/Kristen/Kiddos”

  1. Love the way you capture my family,
    just the way they are,
    as i have seen them
    100 times.

    as a great picture should be.
    well done

  2. Once again, nicely done.

  3. Andi
    you really have God given gift. People can;’t get enough of looking at and reading about their own family and you do a fantastic job of reading people and then communicating to others about people they don’t even know but feel like they do know because of what you have written. YOu can tell that you really enjoy and connect to your subject. can’t wait to asee more Susan

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