captured: kissin in the bushes

How cute, a family of four. 2 little boys and a mom and a dad. This is oldest son of the Roberts family (ryan) and his wifey (sarah) and their 2 little boys (Reagan and ethan). All boys. Just the way I want my family to be. Except with 3. I wont be pullin’ any of the 6-kid-ratio like in the Lindquist family. Enough about my fake futuristic family. Back to here and now.  

I met this set of four back in the summery days of seattle when I was in my ‘kini (that’s bikini in andi-slang) although – now the days are bit more brisk – we still ended up out on that dock…and this total fallish trail. I had to get these done in a matter of minutes, because the whole family was waiting on us…but with a little running on my part and a happy little bunch of Roberts, we snuck a few photos of these four. I will say, Ryan was a non-typical-guy in these…I mean a total champ, no complaining or anything. Don’t most guys absolutely drrrread pictures? I think deep down, they actually like them and its all a façade. That’s my take.

.. feast your eyes on this family ..






The whole ‘just-the-two-of-them thing didn’t really work out with all 5 of the bystanders standing over my shoulder chiming in with comments about children being present, going back to their engagement days, yada yada yada. Come on…that totally ruined the mood – so we quickly moved on to the g-rated family shots. That’s ok. Another day for the kissin in the bushes.









So. Tweedily doo. That’s their crew. I really liked how they were so down to do whatever and that we got those in a few short minutes. And no, there was no adoption, Sarah did just have that baby but somehow manages to not even show it. Sign me up for that feature when i have kids.  That’s all for today. Tomorrow I’ll be brinin’ out a few photos with the parents and kids from this post. Okey dokey. Peace.


~ by Andria on November 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “captured: kissin in the bushes”

  1. Love the colors in these pics, good looking family! nice job w/ such little time to shoot.

  2. Nice work! Are you still thinking about the gig in California? Go for it girl!

  3. […] day finally came. They came across my photography after I posted their friends’ shoot back HERE…word of mouth and I will hopefully continue to grow better […]

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