captured: rambunctious roberts

Like clockwork, while growing up, my little sister Meagan would respond “depends what it is” when I asked “would you do me a favor?” Every. Single. Time. I think she would say it even today if I called her up…this came to mind when my gal pal Erica called me up and asked a favor of me. Now, it’s not truly a favor when the person really wants to do it…but just go with me on this one.

Long story short…I got asked if I would be willing to shoot this beautiful family out on Lake Sammamish. Really had to twist my arm on that combo. Let’s connect the dots. I got some photos of the Saarloos kiddos back in this post when I was in CA, a few of their family members saw. Oooh’d. aww’d Liked them. Needed a possible Christmas card. Thought of me. That’s how it went down. SO I spent my Halloween evening in an anything but spooky situation. I’m much happier to show these photos than me in some ridiculous costume. But I do make a mean cat. Just sayin. 

I wish I could insert the audio that was going on this dock. It was hilarious. I got a little rowdy corralling all 11…but we did it. I’ll be honest. i dont know that my knack is huge-group-family-photography. mainly because i lean more towards being a spectator in the situation and then showing real-life stuff in the photos. like talking. laughing. playing. being natural. so i was a little nervous going into it…because totally staged-posed pictures are like nails on a chalkboard. but i think we got some good ones. i hope so. I had a blast with this group & managed to get all 11 faces in one frame. I wish we had more daylight…I could have been out there for hours.

Keeping up with the Jones’ – remember that phrase? Well these are the Roberts and it was fun to try and keep up with them. They are a lively bunch. Have TWO new babes in the family. And were all in the same place at once. Knowing that is a feat in itself…it deserves to be documented. So we did with photos. Here goes. a few are just for fun and more of my actiony-non-posed preference which probably wont make the xmas card list…but i like those ones, it shows all the true personality, commotion and fun that we had going out on that dock. and i think its just that that comes to mind when they think about their family.

ed. susie. ryan. sarah. reagan. ethan. kristen. kirk. brady. emery. collin. and some bystanders…that will show up later this wk.







BackShot - Copy

…and then i pushed them all in the water. just kidding, they have newborns. that would be cruelty. maybe just collin.

SIDENOTE: I spent my weekend the best way I could. Friday = Tim. Saturday = The Roberts. Sunday = Kevin and Kevin/Sara. That being said, I have a lot of photos to show this week. But I also have this other thing called work comin at me…so I’m gonna spread these out. I cant wait to show all these great people. BUT im refraining. I just get so excited and want to show them all at once. Self-control. Let’s call it “5-days-of-photos” cuz I’ll be posting each day this week. Come on back to see what was on the other end of my camera all weekend. Next up to bat. A Roberts family of 4.

what do we think? any christmas card nominations?

Ok, I’m outa here.


~ by Andria on November 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “captured: rambunctious roberts”

  1. So cute!

  2. Great job Andria! What a good lookin fam.

  3. Andria…. AMAZING! There is a definate Christmas card here! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, the Roberts zoo;-)

  4. i like the picture where you crop everybody’s head out of the picture except the boy. genius. =)

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