captured: this guy on a hill

there’a a first time for everything. and the other day i had TWO firsts in one setting. i’ve had my little heart set on going up to capitol hill to see what me and my trusty camera could find. there is a lot of life up there and i was sure i would be able to stumble upon some sweet settings. i did.  

meet tim. he and i went to school together at good ol’ SPU. he is on the brink of becoming a financial advisor, although the computers & calculators did not make an appearance here. tim you gets a BIG high-five because he is super comfortable and is willing to do anything i pondered up. scream. jump. dance. he does it all. but for reals, i really loved how he was willing to let loose and do whatever. its way more fun that way.

i think the most-bomb moment was when i put on some beyonce and black eyed peas and we were just jammin away, dancing up on a porch in front of a door. an AWESOME green door mind you. sorry bystanders…they most likely thought we were crazy. i even made an appearance in one (you will see my accidental hand in the last shot.) haha. here goes. Tim Lee. 

this guy on a hill  











064g - Copy









check and check. capitol hill. guy. Done. they say heat rises and it was true here…i was LOVING how fallish-warm it was out. no parka here. So there is Tim. i liked the whole playe-music-while-you-shoot….i think i’ll start doing that more. OK, here is my accidental appearance. when “i gotta feelin’ by black eyed pease is on. i just cant help myself.

320g - Copy

~ by Andria on November 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “captured: this guy on a hill”

  1. Awesome, I love the green door. Tim’s pretty cute too.

  2. Aw, thanks. =]

  3. […] Nordstrom was there), and what do you know…my own pal Tim that I shot up on Capital Hill in this post just so happened to be Napoleon Dynamite. What are the […]

  4. some of these pics might find a nice home at

    love it. maybe i should follow you on twitter?

  5. Nice post, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favs!


  7. I love love this shoot. He is awesome! Talk about your subject making all the difference. You can tell he was a guy not afraid to go wherever you wanted him to. It looks like you played music during this. He’s having fun. Great job, Andi!

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