what if

A lot of things are hypothetical. Including life. Each day you choose to make true what you want and hypothetically speaking…you can make your life and look like whatever you want. Well, that also depends on your perseverance, skill and ability to get up in the morning. I have been leafing through several ideas of what I want in my life, what I enjoy, what I want to look back on and actually be happy that I achieved. None of this is a one-day ordeal, but I’m trucking along and making some mental progress.


Just as I used to run thru the sand track as a 3rd grader and envision myself in the US Olympics and even as my brother, sister and I used to set up a kickin’ neighborhood bead store with hopes of making it big time…I mean, really raking in the dough – I have always had a motivation and inkling that my entrepreneurial spirit would let loose and fly some day. Maybe that day will be sooner than I thought. Maybe not.

So, with that being said I have been hypothetically thinking of a few career options or just what I want to say my lifelong hobby will be. As every girl knows, you gotta work with what you got. SO, I have been considering my talents, passion, abilities and all that jazz. What I have come up with, and I don’t know why I feel it necessary to share this (that’s the beauty of a blog, it doesn’t matter)…but maybe just maybe I could do something with this here recently discovered knack for photography. I’m just putting my feelers out there. Don’t go tellin your mom I’m quitting my day job.

I think I need more time to explore and even see what little niche I could fit into BUT, I decided to play around with a concept and look of what I would even do in this field. OK. So the name “Captured” came to mind because I think my style is capturing real life moments and objects. Candids. Non-posers. Still life. I think the most beautiful things are those that we see everyday, yet don’t really realize just how beautiful they are. Like the strange coffee pot in Sweden (Stockholm).  A woman waiting at the crosswalk (London).  A bride walking in her ked flats (Paris). Street style fashion (SWE/DMK/FR/UK.) All these things I captured on my trip.

Annywho: If I am going to take a picture, I want to capture the moment and how it really is in life. That’s why I came up with the line Life should be captured.” I definitely think it should…hence, why I am trekking around constantly with my canon slung over my shoulder. You just never know. In parallel with my indecisive self, I cant decide on fonts. They will be the death of me. Still deciding. maybe i’ll pick a favorite soon. or maybe a vote would help.



Captured 4






wait, or maybe this…








ok play time is over. peace. 


~ by Andria on October 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “what if”

  1. i like the second one!!

  2. I like the second font treatment. But you should put “like should be captured right underneath “captured:” and then by andria lindquist. Just a humble designer’s opinion.:)

  3. I like number 3. It’s more whimsical. And I really like to see your work! Thanks for sharing.

  4. i like #3 it is more creavive like
    you! other ones look like any other business font… hope that helps..

  5. 3 is my favourite, but the ome that looks the most professional is 2….but hey, i’m no expert!
    i love your posts and the pictures are part of that, ok.
    go girl!

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