my first crush

Everyone remembers their first crush. mine was a cowboy in the 3rd grade named Ian Wagner. It’s been a few years and I have moved on past the Wrangler-Nike hightops combo BUT i did experience an all new first crush. This one happened down in Los Olivos, California also known as “Wine Country” or “God’s Country” as Keith Saarloos (son) calls it. My 2 roommates and I flew down with a certain Saarloos that lives in this house to lend a helping hand & attend the Saarloos and Sons first Crush Party.     

Never mix business and pleasure. That’s often a phrase floating around the corporate world – but what was so refreshing about being a part of this event was just that…it is both business and pleasure behind this family ran vineyard. That’s the thing i’m aiming for…a career you just love, which undeniably shows through in the quality of your work. Plus they are oozing with creativity & originalityfrom the tasting room decor (via Heather Saarloos), to the family-knit story behind each wine label (194five The Union….the date of the Saarloos union that started it all) or the phrase they use, “We’re selling our soul…one bottle at a time.” Really, though. Their creativity soaks thru to every aspect of the business.

Pink cheeks & all warm inside. Yes, that’s the feeling when you around your crush and while the hundreds in attendance may have had that same feeling Saturday night, I am guessing it was mere effects of the Saarloos and Sons wine in their bellies. Either way, all who attended (including me) were blown away at just how professional their first event went. The evening included a made-to-order famous flatbread pizza, a full S&S Wine Bar, a full on concert with 3 AMAZING artists (Allen Stone was my FAV), and girls swinging on swings? yes. and a kickin VIP after party. All in all…I check “mission complete” on the ballot. 

call it house because it feels like: Home.

 From planting the grapes, designing the labels and throwing the events…it’s a one family crew. I vote yes on Saarloos and Sons.




pick your poison: here’s their selection


– the event –

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but for reals? what are the pink necklaces for? Glad you asked. Another cool part of this event is that proceeds were going to support local farm and vineyard workers. SO…we sported pink necklaces sold at $2 each and the person at the end of the event with the MOST was crowned “Kind and Queen of Crush,” fun idea. There was no actual crowning but 2 people did win an $800 Magnum of S&S Wine. Pretty good prize, I’d say. Anywhooo. that was CRUSH.

If you want to learn more or even buy a bottle of wine with a story behind it, mozey on over to the nifty Saarloos and Sons website by clicking here where you can also see ALL the pictures i took of the event on linked on their homepage.

If you by chance attended the Crush Party or have tasted their wine you can do a lovely write up on Yelp if you click here or just see the nice things people have to say about thier experience there.

{ but wait, there’s more! }


AND if you trust my judgement then click HERE to listen to Allen Stone (quit callin’ = fav). Oddly enough, when I stopped by to talk to the band i was please to hear they are from Seattle (and live really close to me). His next album release is December 3rd at the High Dive in Fremont. Be there. I will. He is crazy good.





~ by Andria on October 28, 2009.

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