Captured: Babies-R-Us

sit down. hold still. smile on three. not gonna happen. I have been antsy to take some pictures of babies. there soft. cuddly. say outrageous things. and have not a care in the world. well…i just so happened to be at the Saarloos and Sons vineyard this past weekend – hence the non-writing past 4 days – Anywho…i did, however, take zillions of pictures. many of the event (WAY more to come on that) and a few of the Saarloos’ kids.

It’s always fun when the kids in the family start having kids. That has only happened ONCE in my family…but Serena’s got another bun in the oven, so I’ll be an aunt again soon. The Saarloos’ have 4 grandkids. Brielle / Cash (via Keith & Heather) and Brady & Emery (via Kirk & Kristen). All of them are very different from each other and i think you’ll be able to tell which ones are bro/bro and bro/sis. (:

Lets start with the newest: Emery

Just a brand-spankin-new 2 week old. She literally popped out and flew down to Los Olivos. CRUSH was a must-see event after all. The problem with these new babies is they are so dang cute and you just want to squeeze ’em…but that will kill them. so refrain. i did do that to my hamster tho once. just to see. her eyes really bulged. just a hamster. not the baby.


Little emery




next on the list: big brother brady

i remember when this little kiddo was born. i was grabbin a sandwhich at a subway in new mexico or some ungodly hot state and got a picture text “he is here…Brady Troy Saarloos.” now. a few years down the road the kid is such a cutie and has this funny little serious personality…which may or may not come through in the pictures. you decide.







next up to bat: cash man.

this little guy (that’s an understatement) is a block. a lively, crazy-cute, little bundle of energy. with a name like cash and the fact that i love Johnny Cash and Walk the Line…it’s a pretty much shoo-in that this kid would rule. he does. i think he smacked his head like 6 times and never even flinched. that sums him up.







last but NOT least: brielle

this one’s a firecracker. seriously, i dont know where she pulls the personality from. she is like 5 going on 26. mature and has super-sassy sayings that come out of her mouth. all. the. time. she loved the camera. my perrrfect match. here are a few.





so dang cute. if you could only squeeze their checks through the screen. anyway. there they are. the spawn of the saarloos.’


~ by Andria on October 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “Captured: Babies-R-Us”

  1. why are you so incredibly talented when it comes to photography? beautiful children and beautiful pictures, it doesn’t get much better than this!

  2. i am in love……

  3. i am in love……


  4. LOVING the pics!! The Sarloos event looks like it was a perfect backdrop for you and your newfound photography talent. The pics are amazing.

  5. Amazing amazing amazing. You really captured them. YOu have found your calling in words and through pictures

  6. i love this post! and i’m sure their proud parents do too! another beautiful moment captured by you! i am so excited to see where this talent takes you!

  7. wow people love baby pictures. good to note. (: Thanks Keith…I’ll trade you more pics of your daughter…for a bottle of “Daughters?” just kidding…I’ll be sending you a link to ALL of the shots i got of them.

  8. […] my arm on that combo. Let’s connect the dots. I got some photos of the Saarloos kiddos back in this post when I was in CA, a few of their family members saw. Oooh’d. aww’d Liked them. Needed a possible […]

  9. […] all for today. Tomorrow I’ll be brinin’ out a few photos with the parents and kids from this post. Okey dokey. Peace. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)captured: rambunctious […]

  10. […] bees…and now have 2 adorable munchkins. Brady and Emery. I already showed you pictures of them here…but now I get to introduce the whole family of 4. Cant really see much of emery all bundled […]

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