FALLing in Love

Is Fall always this beautiful or have I just had my head in the books this time of year to never really notice. OR does Seattle just typically have gallons of rain and grey blotting out all the beauty? Any-whoo, this season rocks and I’m loving the fantastic contrast of slate grey asphalt again the rich orange, reds, and yellow all across the sky. It’s like a sunset in the trees. THAT I love.  

 so here’s the deal. a little lady (ok, she’s a new mom…not an old lady) she emailed me after she saw some of my photography & said she wants to put some of MY shots blown up in her house. What the freakin’ heck! I said YES (duh) and am working on a couple of things. Do you think any of these could be “the one?” Cast your votes. i need help deciding. (NOT the skinny ones, i just put a few in for fun…use your judgement)



I have been itching (literally , I got burned at Seattle Sun Tan) to get out and Capture some of the fall before all the leaves fall. So, when I had a few moments and on my way to somewhere, I drove on over to Greenlake (which I am totally loving living by!) and took a peek at what it had going on. Lots of ducks, runners, rowers, pups, and people walking hand in hand. Funny to think that only months ago, we’d be out there in our Haviana’s and ba-keen-eies! Another thing about the Emerald City…we have 4 seasons and they’re all so lovely. Woop. Woop.

I’m holding on to these great fall days. Don’t go away. stay. stay. please. Unless you’re summer, then bring it on.






I had a little premonition when I saw a little tid bit of sky under the ballard bridge. It wasn’t my plan…but I crossed under, climbed up and over and walked down to the middle of the bridge. Ahhhh. Breathtaking. I don’t know if it’s considered Ballard or Magnolia – since I was smack dab in the middle – so we’ll go with Ballard, since there’s a bridge after it. Whatever. Here is the most beautiful sunset.










How handy, sunset in the trees and a sunset in the sky. Just pulls things together all nice, doesn’t it.

~ by Andria on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “FALLing in Love”

  1. These ar spectacular and you made me cry.. I am so excited for this gift God has given you , and you just discovered it…wow
    Depends on her colors in house but 1st pic is awesome and the lake one w/ the leaves on the dock is pretty sweet and serene. gorgeous sunsets!!! again nice work honey!

  2. wow andria, these pictures are awesome.. they make me realize how much I miss autumn… I also think the first picture is amazing and I like the first and second sunset pictures.. Thank you for posting these photos!

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