i dont care, i like what i like. might sound boring or predictable OR just plain smart. i like the same thing for breakfast each day and i like coming home to the same little ladies at home every night. I have, however, embraced a few new things recently and even proud of myself that SUSHI is one of those sneaking up on my enjoyment meter.

Outside the food category…I’m very pleased to report that Seattle has a new resident. Let’s all give a warm welcome to Filip Persson Beckman. I said before that a Swede would be coming here in this post back from Helsingburg, Sweden.  Well…he is here. Coincidence or what? Actually, I think the little Swedish gods sent one over so i wouldn’t forget what the accent sounded like – plus, its not i could just bring one back in my carry on. this is way more legal.

OK, to the point. I recently experienced true hospitality while i was abroad…so we are trying to make him feel at home. we all went to Miss Sara Latter’s (on behalf of Wilson PR) grand event of Bin on the Lake last week, showed him the Belltown nightlife, saw Kerry Park, trekked the 3 miles around Greenlake (in heels for some reason was my brilliant idea) which is absolutely incredible this time of year, had a “American mall experience” and got to meet the Swedish/American family he is staying with while working in the States.

Here. Have a look for yourself.

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and thats that. does anyone else get very jealous of the fact that most Europeans do some sort of year abroad, extended study overseas, or au pair for some foreign family? I do. I WISH America would take this little habit and make it the part of the American way. but lets be honest, there is no time for that in the American Timeline. dang.  

Hey! he even writes a blog while abroad: Trainee Seattle, but good luck reading it…unless you have a secret talent cuz it’s all in Swedish.


~ by Andria on October 20, 2009.

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  1. do you have short hair?

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