captured: off shore beauty

she is standing on the beach. obvioulsy she is an off-shore beauty. but that’s not the whole meaning here. Seattle is conveniently surronded by water. fresh water. salt water. canals. water in the streets – although that is not always as fun.  in no way are we short of liquids. surprisingly. we have a heck-of-alot of beaches. not totally a tahiti white sand thing, but all the same…another great aspect of life in the PNW.

erica and i started off on this beautiuful spot just off the shore. wheaty-plants. old driftwood. rocks. and bare feet. aside from the fact that  she ended up with numb toesies (no pain, no gain) and a wierd guy watching us from the hill, we got some great shots. i still have too many favorites to post everything in one post…and other things i want to do today. SO here are my favorite. I accidently ended up on this beach last year when i was discovering discovery park and rememered how peaceful it is, so we went.

i love how she pops out of the pictures. that flourescent pick is still a winner. she reminds me of a never-been-midwestbeauty that is on the beach for the first time. escaping the chaos of the city and soaking in the gray warmth the seattle beaches boast. here they are. she is, anything but a washed up gal. 








169G - Copy


notice that tattoo. big fan.

194G - Copy



thats a wrap. this ends the beach scene. you can put your shoes on now. i will continue to post the various ‘scenes’ from this particular day as well as other things I’m working on this week. What’s on the way? old walls. walking the grapevine. gardens. yellow lines. leaves-a-throwing. rusty wheels. an elevated door. and something to do with a sheet metal plant? 

 the best is yet to come.

see you then. and i CANNOT wait to show what happens later this week. three words:  grapes. RV’s. saarloos’.


~ by Andria on October 19, 2009.

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