International Attire

Why is it that European fashion is just so darn beautiful? That, I will never know. What I do know is that a simple Seattle girl sure can learn a lot in just a month abroad; about myself, differing norms, and of course fashion. Bold, classic, rich and simple – all qualities I would assign to European style. Effortless, however, is the one qualifier that explains it all. Within days of my arrival in Sweden, I was raving to Kam – a local Seattle fashion blogger – about the style, so she gave me the go-ahead to gather shots from each city I would be in over the next month and share them as a guest blogger, which you can see if you click here on Needle+Thread. 

It may sound a stretch, but I could have used people from each street I walked down; although I managed somehow to whittle it down to a simple seven +2 BONUS i just couldn’t leave out. All different cities. All different looks. I had a great time meeting these folks – each of which, were more than pleased to share their style with a girl from Seattle. Some of the following photos were a part of my guest blog this week and I just had to put em on here too! I hope you enjoy them, the fashion, flair and maybe even incorporate a little into your own wardrobe. 

Bright Light – Ingird – Shopping Street in Stockholm, Sweden. IngridStockholm
















This girl was radiating; and I don’t just mean her bright yellow Converse. I spotted her on the main shopping street in Stockholm and her outfit and energy immediately grabbed my attention. I love the pop of color she uses. You can see aspects of fall creeping in, yet the bright yellow Converse bring it all back to some summer fun. It’s like an outfit mullet – business on top and party on the bottom. I loved her accessories: bright white watch, bedazzled rings and oversized silver hoops. Ingrid. Great look…and the cutest giggle.  


Piercing Beauty – Cristiana Cerrai – London.


One of my favorites – possibly because I could never have the guts for this getup – OR because she had the most polite, fragile personality. Exactly why we must never judge a book by its cover. Dissect her whole look and you’ll see a lot going on; but all together, and it meshes quite well. Her TALL boots, oversized bag, three-layered top and assortment of accessories must have doubled the weight of her 5’1’’ stature…haha. Cristiana. Packed a punch with her florescent hair.


Best Britches – Jean Sebastien – French/London Transplant.

JeanSebastienFaceLondon - Copy


I could have done an entire photo shoot right then and there; but he happened to be working, so I settled for a few shots of his awesome over-alls. I stepped into this eclectic boutique in Soho and found Jean behind the counter. His patterned shirt and oh-so high-waisted overalls remind me of my youth, only he pulls it off way better. He had a quiet spirit and was extremely at home in front of the camera. Jean Sebastien. Bringin’ it back.



Leathered Up – Angelica Sjostrand – Gothenburg, Sweden.



Leather and candy. That’s the combo going on here. Only a select few can pull off one single material head to toe – not to mention that material being Leather – but this gal did it and definitely got my attention. The harsh material, pixie cut, and dark colors, combated by her feminine makeup and bright red lips create a great balance and keep her from looking like a biker babe. Turns out she writes a local fashion blog and was all too eager to take a few fun shots in the candy aisle. Rough yet angelic demeanor. Angelica.


Glitz ‘n’ Glamour – Anna – Sodermalm (Stockholm, Sweden).

AnnaSodermalmStockholm - Copy

Much like the swift speed of the subway in which I met her – glitter is on its way in. Anna’s whole look is anything but quiet, although her personality was just that. Prim and proper and so pleasant to talk with – she was on her way out to the edgy Sodermalm district Saturday night. I think she pulls off the whole look, considering that she paired it with all black and there are no gaudy accessories present. Not to mention, her bright blonde hair is already quite commanding. Anna. Ready to Rock the weekend.


Monochrome Color. Mixed Textures.  – Caroline Wehlin – Helsingburg, Sweden.

CarolineWehlinHelsingburg - Copy

No partiality here. Yes, Caroline happened to be my host while in Helsingburg, but her darling outfit was just something I had to include. I love how she included grey all through her ensemble but mixed things up with various textures. The arm warmers were actually a men’s item from the store she worked in (yes, H&M) and boots were an old-time favorite of hers. The weather was come and go that day, so the layers proved to be perfectly functional…which is – always – a girls’ first thought when dressing. Wait, who am I kidding. Caroline. Function meets fashion.


Soft & Simple – Cecilia Petersson – Gothenburg University, Sweden.

179 - Copy

It may have been the fur or the surprisingly hot September sun that had her enjoying an ice cream when I first saw her. Posed even here in front of Gothenburg University, her classy simplicity is evident. Fur was also an element I also see on the rise; and no matter your position on this can-be-controversial material, you must admit…the girl looks good. The elements of this outfit are anything but over done, but then again, that is what I liked about her. Cecilia. That fur is hot.


Glam Rock – Josanne Van Der Hoek – Paris.

JosanneVanDenHoekParis - Copy

Here comes the glitter again. I have a feeling that none of this was bought right off the rack. Her worn-in Converse and faded jeans give her overall look a thrown together vibe which may or may not be even accurate. In any case, Josanne has a fun rock look, without losing her fresh feminine feel. I stopped her on the Monmatre streets in Paris – although she calls Holland home. Josanne. Rockin’ Paris.


Every day Outfitted- Annika & Nakima – Uppsala, Sweden.

AnnikaNakimaUppsala - Copy

These girls were students in the cute University town of Uppsala. Between the two, there are several characteristics that I saw repeatedly while in Sweden: slouchy blazers, mismatched scarves, leggings, minimal jewelry, rimmed glasses and of course…a bike. They may not appear to be all that unique, but I chose to include this shot as it truly summarized the every-day street style of the Swedish girls. One thing that really grew on me was the rimmed glasses. SO many girls were wearing large, dark, rimmed glasses – as an accessory, not a necessity. Most were much larger and posed as the main accessory. Annika. Nakima. Every day University students.




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