Sundays are one of my top three favorite days. This past Sunday was a real good one. aside from today’s weather, it has been crisp, clear and the colors are incredible. One thing seattle does right are the markets. Some people buy all their produce for the whole week there, an idea I would like to incorporate into my lfe. Each neighborhood has its own and Ballard is like the starting varsity player out of the Seattle team. So, my little blondie roommate  and I went down to do some shooting. With a camera, of course. 

052g - Copy

Not all that much to report but all-in-all a great way to spend a few hours. Ate our lunch on the sidewalk, which is a prime spot for people watching and point and clicking. It was like a baby farm down there. Seriously, there were thousands of babies running around. Riding in their fancy strollers. Playing peek-a-boo. Giving money to guitarists. Demanding shade-grown-organic fuji apples. It was madness. Not to mention the street zoo of dogs. We met some people performing “poi” which apparently is a great exercise for older women with saggy arms. Got some free pasta from a true Italian and met a guy who makes spicy jalapeño carrot icecream, and yes we tried it.

the canon crew. That’s the nickname we were given – and no, we were not on some secret report. If you didn’t make it out to a market this past weekend, here is what we saw. read through an interesting book on lend from a friend by Brian Andreas – who has short, odd phrases about life, love, etc – i liked them and plugged them into a few pictures. some of his phrases are so out of left field…but i’m liking it. more to come from him  for sure. 

brickwallpole051g118gbmemories102gb - Copy126GB111gbb - Copy

– a favorite –


099gbbpeekaboo187GBb181GBdream big190GBb

Oh ya! I forgot…the trees are looking pretty darn great right about now but it only lasts a few days, soon they will fall to the ground with the wind & rain and be a muddled gross brown mess.  Enjoy it while it lasts. and i added a little something to a few shots.

249GB - Copy




so there it is. sunday remains a favorite. as does the ballard market. next time, i may even buy something.


~ by Andria on October 15, 2009.

One Response to “marquet”

  1. Love love the last shot w/ the sun glowing thru your hair…another awesome post. loke your “this is me”

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