captured: a flourescent life

i found a fun new way to spend time with someone. take ’em out to a random spot and talk to them from behind a lens the whole day. demanding actions and inflicting numb fingers. sure, coffee is relaxing and warms your hands, but with my way…you will end up with some-700 pictures of yourself – plus i happen to enjoy it. i win.

all humor aside: after a flash idea sunday night, a girlfriend of mine agreed to be the object of my attention for a few hours. So, on my day off (tha’ts a joke)…i met up with this little lady and drove on out to a spot i had  never been to. turns out i LOVED the location. the whole scene was muted except for this flourescent personality and dress which make the look kinda vintage slash girly slash country. 

where is her face? i know i know. Thanks to my fast fast fingers, I have way too many pictures to show in just one post. SO i took a handful without her face and did a little project. THAT and she really is just a shy girl, so i wanted to ease her into being plastered across my blog. ok – shy – is anything BUT what she is. but still.


The inspiration” behind this particular project comes from recent thoughts going through my mind…which stem from what i feel right now and what I’ve come to see about life. All the phrases came out of my head, except for a few stemming from Proverbs 31those, I can’t really take credit for. They’ve been around a while.











That is all for now. What a fun project and what an incredible day to really get to know someone. this whole thing is like an addicting drug. as i said before, i have an addictive personality and i definitely wont be giving up this vice. design. creativity. a camera. i love it.

hey. I’d love to hear votes on a favorite. let’s see

who wins…proverbs or me 

ps. i will now be titling posts with “captured: ________” for the photos i personally take and play around with. a little bird told me you wouldn’t always know the sights included on here were mine. so i’m clearing the air. plus it goes along with the name “emerald city SIGHTINGS”…kinda.

~ by Andria on October 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “captured: a flourescent life”

  1. LOVE them all! Especially 2,3 & 5.

  2. looks fantastic! You’re so talented.

  3. Wow you are an inspiration to me….Love #1 and #6 looks like the photo is actually moving while she is walking away…sweet and # 9 I like how she is wearing red and holding a little red in her hand! can’t wait to see the other ones. You are talented Andi 🙂

  4. Lovely blog! And great photography – love finding peeps in seattle.

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