captured: quinn & jeff

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I was sitting in Paris and I got this message, “I wanted to tell u personally. I wish it wasn’t over the internet, but JEFF PROPOSED!! And I said yes.” Since that day, I have gotten more and more excited. Geez. It’s not even my wedding. I have reason to be this thrilled. 1 School = The meeting spot. 2 ½ Years = The length of their courtship. 9 Months = Wedding Countdown. I was one of the first to know about the crush these two had and it has been incredible to watch their relationship grow

It is the proper duty…when a girlfriend gets engaged: freak out, jump for joy, and spend all free moments planning the upcoming nuptials. THAT and you take the couple out and snap 416 pictures. So that’s what I did. Selfishly. I wanted to practice my photography with actual people. Plants, buildings and random people I don’t know. Yep, that’s typically what has been on the other end of my lens. Not today.

You may think, 22 – wow, they are so young – but no…they are ready. Love is in the air…and every inch between these two. Here. This might help, look at their pictures and you will see why I am so excited for this wedding just down the road. Considering I took 416 pictures DOES NOT help the fact that i cant make decisions…here are a few favorites.

love. captured.043g028g034g031G051GB

and then we went to a spot that shall remain unnamed. dont want to tell all my secrets.


lets play house.


hold me tight. never let me go.


walk with me.


sit by my side. forever.


now. today. tomorrow. until forever.


 i wished for you.


the future is ours.

what a special day. it didn’t hurt that they are both such beautiful people. i think it was a win-win: i got to work on my photo-skillz and quinn and jeff got to kiss, laugh, and play togther for a quick minute. i remain a very excited girl for the soon to be Mrs. Quinn Bartsch.


~ by Andria on October 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “captured: quinn & jeff”

  1. aww, nice pics

  2. what a special day for you 3. you are gonna be teaching me ideas I can tell. good for you!! good job, wouldn’t know it was your 1st shoot…

  3. andi! I’ve been reading your blog & looking at the pics from Sweden and J&Q’s engagement.. wow, you are really talented!!! so fun to read 🙂

  4. You are so amazing! you have such an eye for the littlest details and capture the perfect moments! I found you, by means of Erica Saarloos (used to babysit the darling). I know you are in seattle – any chance you are ever in california? I am in need of family pictures, and I think you take exactly what I’m looking for! Hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the fabulous work!

  5. […] October 2nd to be exact. I sent out this tweet: “ i CANNOT believe @QuinnPina is ENGAGED! …and I’m all the way in London. I need someone to celebrate & scream with! “That’s right, my first girlfriend, sister, best friend got engaged. A very memorable moment as I read her note to me while on a London couch. And also a memorable engagement shoot HERE. […]

  6. great engagement pics..I’m enjoying browsing around your blog.. I couldn’t agree more about new Years…in my opinion..every day is a new day…and should be treated as such.
    have a good one!

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