girls. girls. girls.

I get a certain reaction quite often after I mention that I live with 4 girls: “oh, and how does that work out?” Ha. Except for the fact that its great and I love it. Maybe because it reminds me of growing up with 6 kids in my family. Still have chores. Still have “family talks.” Still have way too much going on at once. There are no fighting over the remote and no shared blood; but these little ladies sure do feel like sisters. I was reminded of all this upon my arrival into the states. 

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I waited outside the SEATAC airport. Door 8. A few obnoxious honks and a blond girl running my way. I knew I was home. Of course there are ups and downs and high heels in the morning, but it sure does feel good to be back. You see, it’s like living with 4 best friends, sisters, parents, colleagues all rolled in one. Coming in from Sweden? You’re covered. Sick with the black death? Soup maker and tissue dispenser, 4 a.m. taxi to the E.R.? done. Interview prep? Of course. Renaissance Women they are.

I think the true sign of a best friend is being able to gone – any amount of time – return, and have it just the same. Whether its a trip abroad or a temporary Texan zip code alteration – the bond remains. OH  yes, also being able to ride in the car with pure silence and not even bat an eye. Both of those = check. Ah to be a fly on the wall inside 7727. It’s quite fun and super entertaining. Even now, I sit surrounded by the girls searching for sex offenders in our neighborhood.  Never a dull moment, for sure.


All nonsense aside. I had an incredible time seeing fresh faces and meeting people from all over the world but being back with Q,B, E, & S. It’s like chicken noodle when you’re sick. A peach-mango slushie mid August. Takin off those heels after a 9 hour day. You get the point. All good things. All good girls.

September marks 5 years of friendship. Thanks to Seattle Pacific University – for my Bachelors Degree – and for the friendships. I think the appropriate thing to do would be for SPU to wipe out any student loans. Just an idea. Anywho. I’m full of warm gushy love, happiness and skittles. I lied about the skittles. I realize there will come a time when I will move out on my own and eventually living with a male at some point (Q beat me to that one. Well, come July)…but for now, no complaints with 4 females inside these walls. Except for that darn toilet paper bill.

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~ by Andria on October 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “girls. girls. girls.”

  1. You ALL are truely Blessed to have each other.. makes this momma happy!

  2. My favorite post 🙂 Makes me teary eyed. It will definately be an adjustment moving out of TGS manor into my own home this summer! Love you A!!

  3. i see i’ve been kicked to the curb, sniff sniff.

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