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There are a few pro’s and con’s of my trip ending. Here’s a list and a look: 



 Fil for breakfast (although, I hear it may be available in the Scandinavian district I live in….Con-vEEn-Yent.) I love that rotten milk slash yogurt stuff.

Having the easy-in of meeting someone: “Hey, where are you from?” This is often my first sentence to most anyone I come across. I doubt I will just stroll up to someone on Mercer St. and say the same. Umm, Belltown? Ya, its just not the same.

Fika. Duh. It is the best habit to take up and I think Seattle: you would be really keen on this practice considering your passion for coffee. Get ready.


My daily writing time. I guess no one will make me stop, but this nice little end of the evening habit will probably taper a bit once I’m back into the swing of the everyday AND being in a house full of girls. Other things arise. Plus it’s not like my normal life is truly boasts tales as exciting as hopping the cities of Europe. We’ll see.

Flying by the seat of my pants. Absolutely the best thing I have been able to do while abroad: an-Nee-thing I want. Typically I am a Type-A-organized-schedule ran lady, but I have truly enjoyed just taking my day exactly as it comes. Its divine. Couldn’t do it forever of course, but something happens to you when your are not ruled by an agenda. *I vow to try to keep this relaxed, take the day as it comes, enjoy each moment mentality as much as I can. I happen to like this side of Andria.*


The lifestyle. chic lifestyle of the Swedes. I know I went elsewhere – but – there is no comparison and no way to tell how it really is. People! I don’t know why Sweden is not a more popular vacation spot. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Public Transport. Said it before and I’ll say it again. The tube/metro/subway is just genius. Think about it. All the people stuck in traffic and on the Seattle streets…they would POOF magically be under the roads in the tube. I should run for mayor.  


Those oat ball things. I may just try to bring a costco sized box with me on the plane to spread the joy to all of America…or my house.



I am not Anti-American. Of course it will feel GREAT to be back in the arms of America.

My coffee concoction. I have had some good coffee but man-o-man I am ready for brewing my own first thing in the morning. Plus no one over here ha syrup for your coffee – hello – that’s what makes it so good.

My good old Ford. I know I said I like the public transport – and I do – but it will make the whole walk-in-the-rain to the grocery store thing go right away.

Communication. I have heard some beautiful languages/accents/dialects but I won’t lie, it will be quite nice to understand what the heck someone is saying. I have started to think in random accents – haha – seriously what is going on in my head. I need English. (Not to mention, my phone, texting, twitter, instant email, phone calls. Not near withdrawals, but  still, those things are nice to have.)

My double wide. My BIG bed that is. I can sleep anywhere and while my earplugs have literally saved me from hostel noise/snorers – I still will be happy to crawl in that comfy thing…and NOT pay for sheets.


Gum. May sound dumb, but a month with $5 lose the flavor in 5 minutes gum has gotten on my nerves.

Measure up. No, I don’t know how tall I am in cm. That’s ridiculous…and also how the Swedish measure. A person, in centimeters, really?!? Currency that I understand…any minute now, bring it. Kill-me-kilometers. Haha I never got this one down either.

4 little hens. Woohooo my roommates! They are fun and I can’t wait to catch up on ALL that I missed.

Ok, that is a short miss-list; and ALL of ‘em were total necessities: coffee, wheels, electronics, a place to lay my head and girlfriends to keep me company. Oh yea, and I’m in dire need of a washing machine.

I think that means that I…. 1) can live elsewhere and be fine. 2) don’t get homesick easy. 3) met/reunited with some great people that made me feel right at home. 4) picked a great spot to take a trip 5) LOVED every minute!


I am super duper happy that I have kept such a good record of my trip via my blog. NOW I can look back and remember just how great September of 2009 was – dare I ever forget. What a blessing that I have even been able to take this trip – I know that – and truly truly couldn’t be more thankful for it all. Old friends took me in, new pals treated me to local flavor, foreign cities began to feel like home, and history was brought to life through many sightseeing days.

 Travel does so much more than empty your bank account and wreck your feet. No no. And to think I ever even had a worry about this month abroad. Thanks to my over-planning and amazing luck – I never missed a train, plane, or was mugged. The only wrinkles that came up were in my clothes. Absolutely learned something about travel and how to do it well. OVERALL…I will be on a travelers high for quite some time. The Seattle grey wont get me down. Not gonna happen.


And with that, I head to the airport. TIME TO FLY HOME.


~ by Andria on October 6, 2009.

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  1. welcome home poopy!

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