My bags are packed (well, technically I have been living out of it – so it’s always packed) but I am almost ready to jet set back to the STATES. If the weather in Seattle wasn’t exactly as it is here in Stockholm, it would be a perfectly fitting gloomy goodbye…so I guess Mother Nature was prepping me for my reunion with the PNW.   


Tick tick ,its been almost a month and while I am not home-sick or missing home, I am excited to step on the Seattle streets for various reasons. Apparently a few exciting things in the relationship department happened while I was gone (no, you guessed wrong, I won’t be returning to a pre-arranged marriage) – turns out one of my Best Friends got ENGAGED! Quinn Pina is set to be married. Let the celebration (and planning) begin! Which makes me even more excited for a little surprise I have up my sleeve. You will see…soon.

The rain and grey could have made me crawl up in my bed and watch movies all day – but I refused – when I realized I hadn’t bought any SWEDEN touristy trickets. Everybody knows, you have no real proof you traveled unless you return with a shirt that says “Sweden” and a keychain! I got all bundled up, left the hostel (it’s a boat…how fun) and set my compass for Galma Stan (old town) which is the tourist heaven.


Yessss o yes – I got some sweet stuff today. Tee-shirt. Key chain. Postcards. Pin. Cutting Board. Presents. A LAST coconut-crème oat ball thing (mmmm), and best of all: more jewelry. Not a splurge but – like I said before – jewelry is the best way to remember a place/trip/milestone. Got another bomb silver ring (now i’m on a silver kick) and then a lovely silver necklace with a “scale” charm. I realize the scale was probably some stupid astrological sign (it was paired with all the other signs) but I liked it and feel like there is definitely meaning behind it.


This trip has shown me:

It is ok to not have every minute of your day planned out the moment you rise up. Had I not, I would have been looking down at a schedule instead of taking in the sights around.

It is ok to slow down and talk to people you come across each day. Had I not, I would have missed out on some awesome random meetings.)

 It is ok to try new things. Being a creature of habit, this isn’t always what I’m drawn to; but had I not, I would have missed out on – tea with milk (not that exciting), fil, oat balls, cous cous, cream cheese instead of mustard, plain black coffee, frog legs. Muahahaha who am i kidding. Plus tons of other things that don’t usually hit my tongue.

It is ok to travel alone. It’s easy to forsake time with just yourself. Had I not, I wouldn’t have been able to sit, think, read, write, observe in peaceful quiet. Oddly I feel very close to…ummm, me.


SO WITH ALL THAT: now the scale thing all makes sense right? I am not some forever changed girl but I will say this trip has been good for me in many ways. When you’re pulled out of your everyday normal – good things happen. “Everything in moderation” is a good quote in life (in moderation) and just may summarize the mentality I am coming home with. Sometimes its all too easy to get caught up in the here and now. Laundry. To-do’s. My future. Post grad responsibilities. etc. Maybe the chain around my neck will remind me…Keep it in balance Andria. 


Puss o Kram. 


~ by Andria on October 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trinkets”

  1. Thanks for the journey, I will miss it!

  2. […] get out what has been on my heart/mind/brain/subconscious for a few weeks. I blurted out HERE how my recent month abroad changed my perspective on things. Well, my feet being on US soil […]

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