unsuspecting streets

There are pros and cons of traveling alone. In a fun city and with a great hostel to come “home” to, it really isn’t a problem. I have come to enjoy quiet days where I can think, walk, look, read, and go off my own schedule. With that, I have also enjoyed – PEOPLE WATCHING – for some reason it keeps my captivated.

Recently my eyes keep capturing things as if they were photos; and so I decided to actually turn them into real photos. If I saw someone and liked them, I took the picture. Candids are always the best type and these are the ultimate, considering those on the other end of my lens didn’t know I was snapping them. That’s not illegal right? Anyway, here are some of my favorites. Many are couples…I guess I just like people who appear to be in love. Some are children – they are so happy. A few are just people. Oddly enough, several are of feet; and to think….i used to hate feet. 

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Normal every-day things are so beautiful aren’t they? It’s fun to capture moments when no one is expecting it. That’s all. Over and out.


~ by Andria on October 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “unsuspecting streets”


  2. Beautifully captured! Glad I came across this blog 🙂

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