Holy Grounds

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Is it possible to see the whole city in 2 days? Probably not, but I felt like I had seen as much as I needed to in my first two days in Paris – so I was left wondering what I should put on my Sunday schedule. Ahha! VERSAILLES. Got a metro ticket and made my way to the grand palace of Henry XIV. 30 minutes out of Paris and I was there – I should mention that I met a lovely English speaking woman on the train (thank the Lord, English!) Ahh, the comfort of a fellow American. Actually, turns out she was Canadian (and fluent in French) – but spoke my language all the same – and was a delight to be around so being the ‘eager to meet new/cool people traveler’ I am being on this trip – we spent the entire day together.

I got the full kit and caboodle ticket to Versailles and was able to wander through the entire palace with my nifty audio guide in my ear and all of the gardens. Well, that is an understatement. The gardens are about the size of the city I grew up in and the palace can house 20,000 people – so I am certain I missed a few square feet in there somewhere.


If you have seen the movie Marie Antoinette (you’ll know the movie was a let down) and the rooms would be all too familiar. Somehow they were able to film in the actual palace, so it was cool to see the real rooms Kirsten Dunst was in. No, wait. It was REALLY cool to be in the rooms where Henry XIV slept and the Queen got dressed. I LOVED the canvas walls, why dont we do that any more? If you stand there and really think about it, its weird. Which is a common feeling I had for many places in Paris. The characters I spent years memorizing in history class stood in the very place I did. I love it. Im no history nerd, but this is one of the greatest things about traveling to a place out of America and into history.

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I had no idea what to expect from Versailles – but I am pleased to report, it was incredible and mind-blowing-big. I have no idea what is even costs to keep up those grounds – and I thought my yard was bad to landscape growing up. It was a hot hot day and ice cream never tasted so good. actually…its always good. Paris proved to have great sights and dang tasty ice cream.

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Versailles was an all day activity and by the time I made it back to my hostel it was way past dinner time and I settled in for an evening with my feet up.

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I figured out i like HISTORY and tangible sights rather than wondering through museums looking at old coins and midevil war gear. Architecture. It keeps me occupied each day.



~ by Andria on September 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Holy Grounds”

  1. your blog should be called, “the adventures of side-braid in europe”. i love love love your braid girl (: oh, and i love love love YOU

  2. you said henry the xiv… but i’m sorry to say it is louis!

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