Cherry on Top.


Its better to have it and not need it – than need it and not have it. A great phrase to remember when traveling as well as in life. Although that may be why I am sometimes called the bag lady. I enjoy being prepared and being a good packer is part of being a good traveler. I tried my best to pack light and bring only things necessary but – holy moly – Paris proved that I should have included a few more dresses cuz it was hot! Who would have known…in September?!? No complaints…I enjoyed every minute of the warm sunshine.


My SECOND day in Paris was a little more mellow as I ventured out into the city on my own (after failed attempts to hook up with my Aussie pals) but I was happy nonetheless. A few famous things came across my eyes that day: Every inch of Notre Dame, The Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens, more of The Louvre, the amazing Monmatre high up on a hill and again…the Eiffel Tower at dusk.


Aside from the fact that my feet have been run ragged, I have been in awe of the beauty and elegance of this city. There is no way to describe the gargantuan size of the buildings and churches and – I’m sorry – but no modern architecture can even compare (sorry dad). It probably worked out better that I flew solo this day, as you could find me just standing…staring…lolly gaggingat each place I went. That’s the beauty of traveling alone, I can mozy/dilly dally/go as I please with no other schedule butting in.

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HIGHLIGHT:Monmatre was the cherry on top of a great day. Literally, Monmatre is way on top a hill just South of Paris. It was created by the Parisians in their rejoicing thanks to God for not being destroyed in WWII (I think). Once you enter there are no pictures or talking allowed – BUT – just outside the doors, it is anything but quiet. The large grass hills were packed with people picnicking, relaxing, partying, and bands playing music. It was like a festival. Half way up I stopped for a breather and lone behold a dance crew was just starting their routine. Perfect. So I stopped and watched this killer group captivate the crowd and – of course – rolled out a few Michael Jackson songs.


After spending some time up on Monmarte and rewarding myself with a delicious crème brule ice cream I headed back down and made my way to the Moulin Rouge also in this area. I don’t really care about this movie and it was not particularly exciting to see…but hey, it’s the Moulin Rouge, so I had to see it.


I rounded out my long but wonderful day with some time at the Eiffel Tower. I think it is far more beautiful at night and I got there in perfect timing to see a bride and groom, a sunset, and great lighting to get some killer shots. I bout collapsed when I got back to the hostel and called it a day. 


Day TWO = still going strong on the happy train.

I know i said i went out by myself this day – and i did – but you may be asking yourself, “why Andria, how did you get pictures of yourself?” Well i pretty much got over the “too afraid to ask” thing. I am in some once-in-a-lifetime spots and i want to have them recorded! Ask and you shall receive.



~ by Andria on September 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Cherry on Top.”

  1. These are amazing photos Andrea!!! my photographer friends are liking them as well. so glad you included yourself in the pics that makes them even more special!
    Love you and it is so good to see your smile in these pics. Your’e so pretty!! 🙂

  2. Just saw your pictures of Paris that you posted. What a wonderful way to be able to do what you are doing by doing it alone. I think you can see and so more that way. Keep on having fun, but stay safe.
    Love You,

  3. Andrea, Thank you for letting me live vicariously through your adventure! I am a friend of your mom’s at work and it is fun to chat about your trip. I can almost imagine myself under the Eiffel Tower sipping champagne with you and your aussie buds! I am following on Twitter, so thanks for the twits! Travel safe.

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