You cant help it sometimes. There are instances where you are instantly captivated. May it be a man [or woman], piece of jewelry, artwork, sandwich, what have you….it can also happen with a city. Consider it rare and hopefully applies to your city of residence; but I recently had this occurrence and happy to report it was about a city (although I have had some bomb sandwiches lately.) I hauled my bag up 3 winding flights of stairs and bout collapsed in my room. I peeked out the window and – my oh my – the Eiffel Tower was out my window! Minutes later, it erupted in sparkles and flickers of light. Ecstasy. What a reward and a sure sign that my time in Paris would be divine. 

I have too much to say. What’s new. How should I blurt all this out? Baby steps. Baby steps. Let me begin with DAY 1. Seems rational.


Considering I spent my previous days in Copenhagen as a lone soul, I jumped at the “Free Walking Tour”that my hostel offered thru some travel company. It turned out to blow my expectations out of the water…which were none, I thought it’d be lame. We all met up at a central square in Paris and holy cow there were a lot of people. Good sign.They split up us up (per spoken language) and proceeded to go on a 3 hour tour of Central Paris.

A Kiwi showed me round town…go figure. Ha. A rad New Zealand girl with a heck-of-a lot of energy gave our group of 30-something a history slash sightseeing tour. I saw the Notre Dame, a few cool bridges (yes, one from a Sex and the City Episode), The Louvre, Forum des Halles, The Royal Palace & Gardens, Tuilies Garden, saw some street dancers, walked down the famous Champs Elysees, was blown away by the Arc de Triumph, among other nice sights that have no name in my head.


Apparently walking tour guides are like the find-your-friend way for traveling alone cuz I met some great people. Australians mostly. They love to travel. I jumped in with an Aussie bunch and had a great time 1) understanding them via the common language use. 2) Reminiscing about my Australia days 3) Answering all their “Does America really…?” questions. After the tour it was Eiffel Tour time…so me and 2 Aussie guys set our eyes on the tip in the sky and eventually found the way to the tower. Beautiful.


I love dreaming during the night, although it is quite frustrating when they never come true. I have dreamed up what it would be like to spend an evening with friends below the Eiffel Tower. Good news: No further dreaming necessary. I met up with the 2 Aussie guys, 2 AUS ladies and a Canadian for a full spread of food, champagne and hours of chit chatting. The whole environment was awesome: people sitting in their own little groups, laughing and talking, a guy jamming some great Oasis tunes and yep…every hour the Tower lit up with flickers and flashes of lights. Definitely one of my favorite nights of the trip, and my life. (: maybe.

018gb044052g - Copy

The worst thing about being captivated at first sight is digging deeper and being proved on the contrary: the guys’ a jerk, jewelry seems to be made by some child, art is priced at the amount of a home, bread is stale, and worst of all – the city is a TOTAL hyped-up-over-rated-not-worth-the-flight spot. Not the case. Mark it down: Paris lives up to the hype. I – for sure – would never want to live here; but I could have asked for a better time – and that was just the first day. More to come.


 lots lots lots more to show. say. tell.

PS – any particular favorite PIC? I – personally – like the one of Tim (aussie guy) with the fountains behind. its no Eiffel Tower but i just snapped it quicly and as it turns out…its my favorite of the post. i’m fond of the contrast.


~ by Andria on September 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “pa-pa-PARIS”

  1. girl, you get about!!!!! i love your blog. i have been reading your posts….and they’re ggrrreat! it just brightens my day. if you ever want a travel companion, just ask! so Big Up Ya Bad Self – ok!

  2. I love your favorite pic. too as well, the diff. colors you have going on and then a silhouette of him to top it off. sweet Andi! All the trees lined up is awesome too. I have tons of friends and clients reading your posts now! Love sharing your trip w/ my people.. love you

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