I’m no druggie, but I definitely know what it feels like to come off a high. Sweden surpassed my expectations by 18429%…I already miss it and so pleased that I will be rounding out the last 2 days of my trip in Stockholm – just a week to go. I took the train from visiting yet another new friend [Henric]in little Lund for a stroll thru town and a fika for sure (see pictures below) went over the bridge that connects two countries and viola – Im in Copenhagen. 


Much to my appreciation, I found my hostel with ease at night and without a map in hand. I cannot really put my finger on exactly what was missing….wait, maybe it was: the sun, friends, cool people at the hostel, internet, and LOW PRICES. I realize that I am committing the cardinal sin: complaining on a trip. I’m not too fond of complainers – but – honestly, yes. SO, let’s call it honestly. It was a fine time – I got some cool pics and was able to enjoy the peace and quiet. It was 3 days of my life and i was able to entertain myself with a heck-of-alotof picture taking.


Since I don’t have any stories to tickle your ear…I’ll just show some visuals.

Christiana. I had no idea something like this could even exist. How is this even legal!? Basically, Christiana was a military area in 1971 and was taken over by the locals where about 850 people now reside. Famous for its accepted alternate lifestyle where drug pushers and graffiti artists line the streets and live in peace – let’s say I was a little shocked when I walked under through the gate. The picture taking came to a screeching halt just as I snapped one of a paraphernalia table. Woopsies. I will say i am becoming a fan of cool graffiti and this place was like a dream. literally, i can only imagine what people were on when creating some of the ‘art.’ After strolling the “pusher street”I mozied on out cuz it was a little much for me. Go figure.


Nyhavn was built to attract people to the industrial area. So they painted the buildings bright colors. REAL creative. Turns out, it works. I thought this part was lovely.

025gb268gb - Copy028g

Has anyone ever gotten those soldiers to crack a smile? Maybe if they looked in the mirror. Sadly, I was not brave enough to mess with the men at Amalienborg Palace but i had a great time watching the “changing of the guard” where music was played, they marched around in a square and so on. Highlight of day 2.


Copenhagen’s ULTIMATE tourist attraction. Ha. I walked forever to see the original Little Mermaid sculpture. The guy who thought up the Disney Movie got it from this sculpture. Or something of the like. She wasn’t worth the walk, but hey…I had to see it. I popped out a fork and brushed my hair, just in Ariel’s honor.


And that is that. There is Copenhagen. Marked. 


and now…to trot off to PARIS. cant. hardly. wait.


~ by Andria on September 26, 2009.

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