East Coast / West Coast. Unlike the US, the span of the Swedish Coasts is only a few hours from each other and has a few similarities but different in many ways as well. Gothenburg (Goteborg…pronounced by the Swedes as YO-te-Boree[g])…haha good try andi. It is ran by trams (not subways), made of one solid mass (not a collection of islands), bicycle friendly (not a hilly makeup), and of course not the capital (but still, much loved). 


I arrived I Gothenburg. Stepped off the train and saw a blonde boy sitting on a bench. Nils. Another previous-fellow-ICMS-student-friendand a  true Gothenburgian guy. He helped me get my tram pass, find my way to Munkebackstorget (yea, exactly. why i haven’t learned that much Swedish) and then a time to meet to catch up. The next day we met and he was so gracious to show me around ALL of Gothenburg. Literally, I walked every inch of it. Old Town. Hilltop. City Central. Little Cafes. Main Strip. Museum. All is a tourists’ day. I would like to argue that I am not living like a tourist. Thankfully, I have gotten quite the inside guide to this country so far.


My take on G is it’s a good-healthy mix between big city and mid-sized on the water town. Plenty of things to do and see, yet walkable…if you absolutely need to get from one end to another, or have all day on your hands.

ROUND TWO: a friend of a friend of a friend. That’s who has so kindly offered up her apartment while I resided in G-town. Jenny Gustafsson is her name. True Swede. Nurse. It has been a fun week getting to know her. We went for fika, shopped, talked, ate, and all was well. It’s funny how it all worked out but it has been a great week and – of course – fun to meet new people.


ROUND THREE: That friend of a friend who set up my accommodation came to town. Carin Halberg. Stemming from Uddevalla. Met her at the tram stopand proceeded to enjoy a scrumptious dinner together while talking the evening away. The next day Jenny, Carin and I went for a stroll through the city, fika, and then as Jenny went to work…we stayed to vintage shop and yep, a BOAT RIDE around Gothenburg. Saw the city from a new perspective and learned a little history. Ended our warm day with a goodbye. She headed for the tram and promised that if ever on the US ground…she’d ring.

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ROUND UP:So Gothenburg has been great and longer than I originally planned. I spent my last day with – yep – some rain fallin from the sky. They saw I have been lucky with the weather so far, and I guess that’s probably so considering it has been blue skies and sunny…I haven’t even broke out my umbrella OR raincoat. So, when the rain was fallin, I was not upset…I just put up my hood and headed for the cemetery. It seemed appropriate. Haha. There is this incredibly massive cemetery close by. I have been eyeing it and I wanted to see if I could find a “Lindquist” stone. Didn’t happen. But I did like the spot.

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THAT’S ALL FOLKS. Its been a nice stay. Couldn’t have asked for nicer people or warmer weather. Now on to a few more cities where I will not have any connections, friends of a friends or old school mates.


And. Here. We. Go.

~ by Andria on September 20, 2009.

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  1. Love all your pictures. Keep on having fun, but stay safe……


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