R&R Reunion

Reunited…and it feels so good.  


Just what the doctor ordered. Well, I’m not sick, but if I was and a city could ease an illness than Helisngburg would have done just the trick. I arrived at the Central Station at 6:30 a.m. and fell asleep in a coffee shop until I was awoken by a beautiful blondie that I hadn’t seen since the basement of Henry Afrika’s in Australia. That was a sad goodbye. But THIS was a happy hello!


After a long breakfast (with Fil of course) we headed for the country. Nimi’s. The path is hard and narrow – that’s what people say about life – well, the path to Nimi’s was long, rocky, wide, and a bit confusing. But just as in the earlier saying, the hard path often leads to a good ending – so we stuck it out and found our way to a illegal modern art display. Ah, how do I explain. Words and pictures do not do it justice. Think a giant game of pick up sticks and jenga – only in real life and the size of a castle. He put each piece together by hand and hammer. It was incredible.


This “art” is actually illegal. He didn’t ask for permission. typical artist. haha.

Helsingburg is a cute little town. A college city on the water and only a hop-skip-&-jump away from Denmark. Literally, you can see it from the harbor. What I appreciate most about this city and Sweden in general is the old cobblestone roads paired with modern, incredible stores / shops/ restaraunts / & architecture. Its like old sights and streets but modern interiors. Love it. No sky scrapers and you feel like you should be in the 1700’s.

There is not one stand out activity that I feel the need to detail (besides Nimi’s) – we shopped, browsed, saw old historic buildings, had a girls night in, made an AWESOME dinner together, went to a fika on the water, made new friends, downed sushi, oh yes…and had dinner at her parents house! It was so nice to meet them and talk about international differences as well as hear their tips for Denmark/France/UK portions of my trip. All in all it was just a relaxed and time to soak each other in. Who knows that next time we will be in the same continent again.


Is this not the most INCREDIBLE shot?!? mmmm. I love this.


RECIEPT RUNDOWN: I really kept the shopping down in this city. I am forcing myself to remember Paris and London are on their way…who knows that those streets will hold. I did, however, find a few items worth reporting. The killer winter jacket i got that sorta ruined my “buy small things” mentality…I got TWO new rings. I think jewelry is the best thing to buy on trips (and of course, best gifts to give/receive) because 1) they are usually small and therefore do not take up room in my now jam packed bag. 2) you can wear them with most any outfit and everyday and is therefore a very practical purchase. 3) Holds an everlasting memory (if you buy jewelry that wont crack with a high five) of that city, day, place and time that you will remember every time you put it on or receive a compliment.


I think i tried every single one on. oops. lets be glad that i was shopping alone that day.

One is just fun and I love the unique design. (Silver with yellow gems) I found this is a local shop ran by the mother of the designer. Everything is specially designed and therefore no one will have the metal now on my finga. (Silver “Carpe Diem”) – This represents the idea that you should grab hold of the beauty/possibilities/joy in each day. Some may argue that must be done by an early morning…but either way, I am learning to reflect on blessings from each day. This saying rolled off my fathers lips to us kids quite often and I think of him with it as well (but I won’t be getting up at 5am like him any time soon).

I am happy every time I look down at my hands and will remember the lovely time I had in Helsingburg and what each piece means. Love it.


OH YA! I almost forgot. I had a little surprise while in Helsingburg. Caroline’s best friends’ boyfriends’ friend (wow confusing) is moving to SEATTLE in a month! His name is Filip Persson Beckman and will be working with the Swedish/US Chamber of Commerce or something. We met for Fika (of course) and talked. It was so nice to be able to be the one explaining a city and you better bet I am going to show him around town come October. What a Small world!!!



  Goodbye HB…you were good to me. Time to head North.

~ by Andria on September 19, 2009.

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