speed bUmp

Some people have all the luck. So far, on this trip that has been me. No bumps, bruises, or mishaps – aside from the fact that I spent the amount I thought I would be spending in ALL of Sweden….well, all in Stockholm. It might have been poor calculating, a rough exchange between USD & SEK, or just my tendency to pick keepsakes – but either way, I know the process of turning in travelers cheques.  


Alright. To the first bump. I left a delightful dinner with Sofie’s family (see previous post pictures) and escalated down to the subway. It was Morby Centrum 2 minutes, then Morby Centrum showed up. Naturally, I got on.  A few stops went by & my intuition kicked in, so I asked a girl if it was going to T Centalen. “No, that is the opposite way.” Panic shot through my veins. I only had 20 minutes until my departure.

I scampered off at the next stop and (luckily) there was another coming (in the opposite direction, of course) in 3 minutes. Hopped on. Ran through T Centralen, up the stairs and to the SJ machine. Typed in my confirmation # that I oh-so-preparedly had handy in my iPhone calendar. Didn’t work. I didn’t have time to try again, so I risked it without my ticket. Then I had difficulty figuring out my platform because not one said “Helsingborg” – more panic – (come to find out, its just a stop along the way) so I just ran to one that had an H (same letter as my transfer city), arrived…and no train. With 2 minutes until departure, you would think the train would be there. That part, I got right. SO I ran back down. Found a guy that worked there. He instructed me to 17a. I booked it to 17 (mind you, I have a backpack, purse, rolling duffel…and food bag) and found another man to help me. Got on and LITERALLY the train pulled away. Talk about a God send. It doesn’t stop there.

THEN the ticket lady came. So I put on my best tourist face and explained the difficulty I had with the ticket printing. Handed her my print off confirm from home and my iPhone that had all the info in it. I must have looked frazzled, honest, or she just was tired (it was midnight) – but she said, “we do not normally do this, you usually HAVE to buy another ticket. But we will allow you this, just this once.” Ahhh, Swedish hospitality. Thank heavens. I put on my eye covers, set my alarm (3 times) and dozed off.

And THAT is my first – and hopefully last bUmp in my travels. But I’m not holding my breath – I have 5 more cities to go. TRAINS. PLANES. TRAMS. & TRAVELERS CHEQUES. Something is bound to happen – lets just hope I have all the luck like, even in the speed bumps.


~ by Andria on September 18, 2009.

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