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The problem with knowing how to say hello and a few other odds n ends, is that they completely start talking to you in full Swedish. No, I do not know what you’re saying. I’m pretty sure I have this dumbfounded look on my face…i need to work on that – or learn some more – OR stop looking so Swedish. Haha I doubt that’s it. 


This lovely Thursday I set out for a day of sightseeing on my own. Anna is working at Ahlen City (Macy’s/Nordstrom) and Sofie is at Diplomat Hotel (W Hotel).I strolled out of the apartment to another clear crisp blue skied day – just perfect. So on to the subway and then a long (but beautiful) walk. I went through Stureplan (above), which is the area we ate lunch in the day before. This is also the million dollar row – where the apartments are tall, cement buildings on the water with incredible architecture. Sure, I’d live there. (: Over the bridge and into the total-on-the-water-tourist-area. Loved it. (compare to walking thru Pikes and piers.)


VASA MUSEUM. There is a problem when beauty overtakes functionality. Do we wear the gladiator heels or flats? Every girl battles this.  Vasa had the same problem. The King ordered an ungodly amount of cannons to be put on the ship (to out-do the Danish) and then on her maiden voyage…she hit some wind and capsized. Haha. That’s like putting on your best new shoes and falling down the front of everyone. We’ve all been there. Some 300 years later they pulled the ship up and now she sits in this gargantuan museum for tourists like me to come visit. I don’t know how I spent almost 2 hours there – but I did. Plus they recreated the faces from the skeletons on board and although the strikingly authentic heads should have wierded me out…I thought it was cool.




SKANSEN. Pay your 90kr and walk into Sweden’s version of Neverland. Wait, no. No white gloves and thriller – this is an open-air museum and a “miniature Sweden” type park. It was bigger than all of Queen Anne and took me forever to get through. I loved it. I love old cutesy things and this was right up my alley. Premium spot for picture taking. Replicated buildings from back to the 1700’s, open fields, all the old stores they would have in the 30’s: groceries, hardware, houses, pharmacist….you get the point. I touched my very first reindeer! Yes…they exist! After way longer than I ever imagined staying in a little Swedish dreamworld…I stopped for a snack and then mozied on out.

Spent way too much time after that seeing things that aren’t worth writing about, but still took a few more hours up. It’s like when you know you are so tired, not in the mood to shop…but in such a great place you force yourself to stay out. That was me.  All in all…got to the TWO =most popular tourist attractions in Stockholm. At least that’s what they both claim…but I believe em. Really was a good day. I have SO much walking and touristy things in my future this month…how are my feet going to survive? Too bad massages are not cheap cheap here.


I would like t osay this is not even as beautiful as it was in real life. man o man. people we relaxing, reading, playing with their pup. I would  like to think i would come here with a good book or friend on a sunny afternoon and just relish in the sun.


PEACE. Or, as I leared today: hej da. (goodbye) but sounds like “heiy doo.”



One) After going up 4 flights of stairs in the lovely NK (nicer or like Nordstrom) I turned back around cuz – NO – sorry, I wasn’t going to pay to pee. I can hold it.  7-11 across the street worked just fine and I managed without the granite toilets just fine.

Two) As I mentioned, I have been doing some walking and with that I have seen others walking. Makes sense. But I have NEVER seen so many (except the Aussie fathers) fathers strolling along with their boppers in strollers. Man o man. Where are the moms?!? And they are not just frumpy dads. They are hip, young super cute dads with other dads taking them babies for their daily walk. Not a US thing for sure. (PS – parents get 18 months paid maternity/paternity leave…that’s a whole nother story).

Tourist Day = CHECK!



Not a postcard. but should be. this was the couple just soaking up the afternoon sun. i sat here and enjoyed a coke and gave relief to my feet after 6 hours of walking. they were cute and represent the essence of summer love. ahhh.


~ by Andria on September 11, 2009.

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