i had a hard time handing over my kroner today – not because i hate shopping, its quite the contrary actually – but i have never paid 150 bucks for a belt and considering that was the price of the snazzy red one i picked up, yep it still freaks me out. ok, its like 12 USD…i can do that. 


Sofie took me shopping today in Södermalm. Hooray for falling more in love with Swedish style.  First: she is the best/worst person to take me, because she LOVES (and i mean that in all CAPS) to shop but worst because she says ”oh that looks nice, you should have that” to everything, which is not good for a girl (me) who has a hard time saying no (in more arenas than just shopping…another story). But dont you worry….i got her  back cuz little did she know when she volunteered to take me that, well, i dont exactly shop fast. i may have mentioned before ”decisions” aren’t so easy for me and this is absolutely applies to shopping. how the heck am i supposed to choose a color when they provide 29 to choose from? see. my problem exactly.

Long story short. and a few lengthy receipts later…i have arrived back home and fingered through all of my purchases and i would like to report NO buyers remorse here!ok. i did not spend a monthly car payment (depending on your car) but hey, i figure…”when in rome.” Im not going to rome so i might as well apply it here. to shopping. i will refrain from drowning on about the fashion and style here. i cant get enough of it. i keep forgetting to drink water while we’re out…so im drinking in all the style and flair. LOVE it. fashion post coming soon. thats what will be coming thru my camera lense tomorrow.


SO many to choose from. not good for this indecisive girl. i did finally make up my mind tho.

we had a lovely time shopped for hours. had a delightful lunch on the water (after a long walk to what sofie thought would be this cool-hip destination, only to fin out it was closed. darn. we settled for what was at the end of the path and called it good.) and my sandwich was good.


i love showing people pieces of my home and stomping ground when i’m in the US (Read previous post: Tourist & Repetitive) so i was happy to go to Sofie’s high school job spot…plus it is a chocolate factory, which had its draw as well. this place (she said) has lines out the door and around the corner in the christmas season and they sell out every day. i totally understood with my first bite into my chocolate truffle. heaven. mmmm heaven. they call this: fika (afternoon coffee / snack / rest).  i have to admit i did not want to get up. we hopped on the bus and headed back to Stureplan.


Stureplan: went for an ”afterwork” at some cool hotel bar where in this chic neighborhood and i was definitely eyeing the awesome work wear everyone was sporting. cant wait to wear my work wear here in…well, we’ll see. So after a Swede beer we went to Vapiano.This place was hoppin. It’s such a fun concept. You walk in and get a vibrating beeper and then grab a drink. Wait. (i think they do that on purpose) and then when you beep you go to one of the counters: pizza, pasta, salad. they make your meal right in front of you (like subway). choose whatever or how much you want and they just put what you got on this little card. eat your meal and then on your way out…they swipe your card and you pay. no waitress. no tipping. no wait. no split bills. awesome environment. hopefully coming to the US soon.






i WILL add a caption here. no i am not an addict. and no i am not excessively drinking. i am –  however – of age, and enjoying a swedish brew. left it half empty…so please refrain from interjecting your own ”wow she is really being crazy on her trip” commentary. just a polite clarification. tak tak.


THAT was my day/night and it was one of my favorite days so far. Sorry for the long post, i just get so excited to share (even though it is 1am and i need to go sleep). Wait, why am i apologizing? If you dont want to read. then dont. easy. we’re both happy.




~ by Andria on September 11, 2009.

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