whole new world

005two sleep aids and 9 hours later and i awoken to a whole new country. my transport could not have gone better: customs was quick, bag did not get lost, i arrived via arlanda express to only minutes be reunited with anna…it was like i just had seen her yesterday in the halls of ICMS. Seriously, it felt like one moment i was in Seattle and the next instant i was walking through the streets of Stockholm. wierd.

So, after a day of scavengering through the city, i now sit here on Anna’s cute couch with a both of Swedish fish in front of me (yes, literally) and an unsuccessful try at watching a DVD (i think it was pirated)…..short blip…..that was yesterday and now i am finishing this post. today anna and I had a nice breakfast together and then took the subway to meet up with Sofie in Stureplan – the ritzy & business area. we ran and met each other with open arms from a block away, ok – well not really – but there was a big hug involved. 

So, not that an exact play by play needs to be written but our basic agenda today was: Stockholm Tourist!


We boarded the ”Under the Bridges” boat tour for a 2 hour ride around Sthlm. it was great. i put on my handy dandy ear phones where a kind swede man told me what building was what. after the tour we headed to the BEST lunch ever at Strandbryggan, which directly translates to ”beach-dock” and my oh my it was soooo good. it is modern and apparently the place to be when the sun is out in sthlm and i could see why. we ate, talked, had kaffe and tea and talked, lounged. it lasted a while. ok wow that was not short.  quickly….here was my day.


Walked through Kungtragarden – and enjoyed some a-mmmm-azing icecream, which remains to be my weakness.

Saw the Kings Castle and walked through Galma Stan (old town) and too many little cutesy shops.

STURE HOF – this was in Stureplan, which is really really good for people watching. We had a few drinks that i cannot pronounce and just watched all the fashionista’s walk by. let’s get one thing straight: the stockholm girls know what’s up. if you think you have fashiopn or great taste…open your eyes for 2 minutes and you wil be put to shame. dang i could not resist just eyeing all the fun ideas and awesome style. dont worry, i am sure you will see it in america, im guessing 2012. Wow rabbit trail. so we sat there for hours and talked and watched…saw 4 swedish celebs…which i dont really care about because they look like everyone else…but hey, A & S loved it.

Then i continued to be a total tourist and snapped some pics in the grocery store….yep. sorry, did it. but we picked up some ingredients for TACOS! they were bomb. all fresh ingredients and ”meatloaf”’ as anna was calling the beef. (; we talked for a good time and compared traditions, holidays, old ICMS and Manly memories. i love long meals. i need to do it more in america. time to slow down and really talk. its nice.

we finished up our long touristy day with none other than Idol. Well, Swedish Idol. so besides the songs being sung in English…i was lost. but still, a great night.

of course i took some videos! gotta totally round out being an american tourist. put i am sure you will be happy to hear there cutesy little accents. enjoy. ok, sory to fool you. apparently, me navigating through a swedishformatted computer STILL does not earn my videos entry. didnt work. pics will have to do.


honestly. how cute are they? they were calling these (candids) …spontaneous pictures.


and this is the little contraption i used to make my kaffe this morning.


so how does that look for a lunch? mmm. cous cous. chicken. salad. veggies. all under the warm summer sun.


 ya ya ya. this does not justice to what i saw, but i thought i might at least include a picture from my boat tour.


im not really a fan of how this b&w turns my face blue. but this is me on a bench in…actually i dont know where.

ALRIGHT: (time for bed, but first a short list)

so far i like…

Swedish Fashion and the brave/eccentric/innovative outfits these girls come up with.

the beautiful old royal-ish looking buildings and winding cobblestoney roads.

the guys for that matter….all dressed very nice. modern, and just as good style as the ladies.

transportation. excuse me, why does america not run on subways and the tunnelbana? it is quick. easy. cheap. and way better for the environment. it comes every 10 minutes and could not be more convenient.

walking. everyone does it. all the time. (this one includes how everyone is in great shape) i have yet seen a ‘biggie fry or 32oz coke.

so far i dont like…

the fact that shirts cost 299kr. i just cant get used to the 1/10 currency ratio. it freaks me out to be paying 32 for a kaffe.

yes…that is it. so far i love it.




~ by Andria on September 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “whole new world”

  1. Wow what aday you had! full of fun and new things. love the pics you posted honey, you 3 look so pretty.. so glad you are there reuniting w/ friends, times you will never forget. look so forward to reading more, take good care and I love you!

  2. okay…in that 3rd picture down, sofie looks scarily like taylor esau.

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