hot to trot

I write to you from America. Possibly one of my last posts before I trot right out of the red-white-&-blue and into a land unknown. Well, a land unknown to me. This has been a long time coming. I remember deciding sometime in my senior year at SPU that I would indeed take this trip – and I remember pressing “purchase” on the KLM flight. I sat there for a good 17 minutes just looking at the screen – but I did it – and here I am, ready to tippy toe out of this town. Seattle, I love you. I will return. I left you once before, and returned with a nice Aussie tan and comrades scattered all over the nations. Tower of Babel I tell you. 

Ahlen. Jaccobsen. Wehlin. Aschan. Those are the names I am inching toward. If you have been around me, you have heard me speak of the sweet sweet swede’s that became my close friends while I studied in Australia. Yep, I went to OZ and came home with a handful of Swedes. So, naturally, they were a pretty strong influence when choosing a destination. Another underlying line has to do with – 3 lines back – yep, my great grandma desyl. Ironically (or not) today would have been her 106th birthday and I leave tomorrow for her homeland. It’s been a year and a few months since I last painted her nails and heard her voice. I can still hear her little old lady voice and I painted my nails pink, just as I did hers the last time we spent time together.

.Dont be fooled. I am NOT engaged. this is the ring she wore as Mrs. Desyl Lindquist.


So, yes, this trip is my gift to myself. For finishing school. For furthering my love of loving travel. For the lady that gave me her 1923 wedding ring. For new sights & new friends. For remembering what Caroline’s cute little giggle sounds like.

I believe this is where I insert my itinerary; and confess – I won’t just be in Sweden. As if, keeping track of my kroner’s wouldn’t be hard enough. Enter – Krona, Pound, and Euro. +Travelers Cheques.

September 8 – 13 = STOCKHOLM (Anna & Sofie)

September 13 – 16 = HELSINGBURG (Caroline)

September 16 – 19 = GOTHENBURG (Nils,…+ new friends via Zach’s STN pals)

September 19 – 21 = Malmo (just me…solo)

September 21 – 24 = Copenhagen (still me.)

September 24 – 29 = Paris (me and my hunny – the journal)

September 29 – October 3 = London (AJL)

October 3 – 5 = Stockholm (reunited with S & A)

October 5 = wings fly me….Back to the USA!

So. That is that. If I could have only decided the schedule as fast as I typed that out. Ya-uhh right. Either way – no matter how much planning I put into this, – I am prepared to get lost, spend way too much on a taxi, and possibly even argue that I did indeed make a hostel reservation. But hey, that is what happens when you travel. Bring it baby. We’ll see what I’m saying ONCE one of those actually happen.

Australia 122

Just in case you want to have a visual when i refer to the lovely ladies i will be spending time with. let me show ya. Caroline. Sofie. Anna.

I would like to say: THIS IS MY WARNING. (well first of all not that my regular posts are perfect or that anyone cares what font color I choose) but i am guessing that my blogging-abroad may not be up to par as I would like it to be. So, sorry if there is a typo or if I don’t come up with a catchy title. Main point is, I want to write (one) so I can let everyone know I made it thru customs and am alive (two) to detail my daily/weekly happenings & (three) to keep a virtual diary that I can look back at when I’m tucked away in an office or something and say, “ahh, remember when.” At least I’ll be in a different country, so I won’t be able to hear Erica slam the fact that – yes- I still blog my thoughts and don’t plan on stopping.

puss o kram

(hugs & kisses)


she was awesome. i hope i can be as funny and cute as her when i’m 104.

~ by Andria on September 6, 2009.

One Response to “hot to trot”

  1. ok yes……….I cried while reading this Andi. I will be praying for you daily and know you are gonna have the time of your life making awesome memories!
    Be safe and have FUN…You deserve this trip and am proud of all the hard work you have put into getting ready. Go now and I look forward to hearing from you…I love you!!

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