up the ladder

Odd. I have my diploma but nowhere in there does it say, “and now what are you doing with your life?” I say this because that is typically the sentence off everyone’s lips once you step off that Safeco stage. That is ok, I don’t mind the question and actually get excited talking about the future. Possibilities are endless, that’s my outlook. The world is your oyster – now go find your pearl. 


I think it is a beautiful thing…heading into this time in my life. For a good 16 years I traipsed through hallways, memorized millions of color coded flash-cards, and had the privilege in attending some superb schools. Up the ladder Andi. I reached the top (well, the finish line) and now it’s on to another ladder. I’m not scared of heights and I have no plans to settle. Call me crazy, but I do believe it is possible to find that career where you are eager to get to the office, actually enjoy the work you do, and are proud of the accomplishments you achieve. If that doesn’t exist, well…then I’m gonna spend a long time in pursuit before you can tell me otherwise. Stubborn? Naive? Who knows, but I’m ready for a hot pursuit.

Now, I have to think that I am not the only one with this little idea in my head; and it does not have to do with my recent degree. There are 37 year olds out there, heck, 52 year olds who are still in the same pursuit themselves. That is the beauty in the ever-changing always growing thing called life. Let us not be discouraged. I hold on to a quote I found a while ago that tides me over:

A slow start pursued diligently can result in a big finish.

I like that. No matter the industry you’re in – or spot in life – I think diligence and a steadfast spirit is what will take the cake in the end. I know a few aspects that are my strengths and where I thrive. Each are separate and their own ingredient…now, I just need to combine them and hopefully come out with a snazzy-sculpted-scrumptious cake (most likely in the red velvet family….mmmm.) Who knows where that will be, what city I’ll reside in, or the dresscode applicable. But I’m eager and excited to start up this particular ladder – one rung at a time. Let the climbing begin.

I have a little thing called a portfolio and it holds a little bit of this and that. Things I have done so far over the past few years. I obviously wont be posting the whole thing (unless you’re wanting to hire me…then, kindly shoot me an email, haha) but here is the front cover, minus the wording…couldn’t figure out how to include that. Just imagine my name on it, in an artsy wayTake a peek.

mosaic4774182bce847a8a9326d3d9554ba2eb0c08d8e3 - Copy (17)

I realize life is not all about a career – duh – that is just the topic on my front burner. I have many other things I am looking forward to as i continue to “grow up”.

Things like: 

1) A marriage like my grandparents have; over 50 years and although she still burns the rolls once a week, I’ve never seen such beauty in a relationship. That is how life is intended to be lived.

2) A car that gets more than 9 miles a gallon in the city. I’m a killer parallel parker – but still – my green (color, not environmentally friendly) gas guzzler has got to go….some day.

3) Teaching a little one to pitch a tent, wakeboard, pee in the woods. AKA – camping. A favorite activity of mine, and a Pacific NW specialty.

4)….ok, I realize this is getting pretty nostalgic and sappy. Basically, I am just eager and excited for life in general. I shall not continue the list.

BW dock woman - Copy

I sign off with another great quote. I am not the author, but I repeat it to myself often.

It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.

That breathes life into me to go after what I want and not to shy away from stepping out into an uncharted area.  



~ by Andria on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “up the ladder”

  1. I have No worries about where you are going in life or where you will end up… you amaze me, and it’s fun seeing you climb your ladder.
    I really like your last quote Andria, I read it 3 times. I would love to see your calendar for your trip. love how organized you are!!

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